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App Giveaway Winners – Two, not just one!

App Giveaway Winners – Two, not just one! post image

We’ve got a winner for the “Five Little Monkey Collection #1” – The winner, out of near 100 entries, is Elizabeth Wolf-ODonnell.  Congrats Elizabeth.  Hope you and your kids will enjoy the app.  Elizabeth will be contacted privately on how to get the free copy of the app.

In addition to Elizabeth, iGameMom wants to give a copy of Polar Bear Horizon to Tanya Wilkinson.  This is not in the original plan, but after reading her note left on iGameMom’s Facebook page, I felt I have to do something to show my appreciation to daycare teachers.  When my son was little, I was working full-time, so we sent him to daycare since he was a baby.  I can’t thank the daycare teachers enough for their caring, teaching, disciplining, potty training, feeding, cleaning, …,  everything.  They are underpaid I think, yet most of them are buying educational materials out of their own pockets.  I wish I can do more, but at least this is a starting point.  Tanya, hope you and the children at your work will enjoy the app.  I will contact you privately on how to get the app.

There are a total of 93 entries in the past week.  Thank you very one for your support!  Please come back for more app updates.

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  • Linda Lochridge

    Hi there! I really like what you are doing with this site! Keep up the good work helping moms and through them, their kiddos!

    • iGameMom

      Thank you Linda. It is always nice to hear encouraging words like this. 🙂

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