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Free WiFi Anywhere Through One Free App

Have you ever get frustrated that when you visit a new place, you have to log into a new WiFi network that place offers? Especially when there are several WiFi services nearby, they all show up on your phone, and you are not sure which one you should use and which one is safe. That is why I was really excited to know our city’s phone provider Cincinnati Bell is offering a free WiFi service that covers the whole city area.
Cincinnati Connect CincyGive
It is new initiative Connect Cincinnati. With this, you just need download one free app, and through this app you can receive WiFi service around the city area. Now many facilities have already joined, and more will join. Those facilities who are part of the program include restaurants, theaters, sports stadium, … For a complete list of facilities where you can connect to WiFi with one single app, you can visit the Connect Cincinnati website.

In addition to Free WiFi, you also get local attraction recommendations, local deals alerts. So this is not only good for local residents, but also good for visitors and tourists.

Since I just got it, what I am curious to find out is the difference the Fioptics makes. This is a new technology that’s been used for WiFi service by Cincinnati Bell. I am hoping it will provide better and faster connections. At least at home, we do see a lot faster internet speed. Love these new technologies!

Update: I used it at a restaurant over the weekend. It is a lot faster. I had too many pictures on my phone, and I need to load the pictures into my online account to clear space on my phone. For over 30 pictures, it took less than a minute to load and clear from my phone. I was able to take photos with the phone again right away. Thanks Cincinnati Bell for a wonderful service.

For more information, go to Connect Cincinnati.

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  • Sherryl Wilson

    This is certainly a convenient app to have! I enjoy having the wifi all over the city.

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