App Went Free: Easy Studio - Animate with Shapes
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App Went Free: Easy Studio – Animate with Shapes

Easy Studio Animate with Shapes

Easy Studio – Animate with shapes is a fun app you and your kids will all like. 

Just like the app title suggested, it lets kids put together animations on the iPad using only geometric shapes.

There are two play modes: Easy and Expert. 

When kids first start the app, they will be in Easy mode.  Kids will watch a tutorial on the basic functionalities – how to move pieces onto the canvas, how to take single pictures, how to play the animation movie from the single pictures.  Kids then can use the pre-defined templates to create their first animation movies with geometric shapes.  They can move the shapes around, resize the shapes, and recolor the shapes.  They can take a picture after each change on the canvas, and then play the movie consisting all the pictures they take.  It is a fun way for kids to learn how the animation works. Easy Studio App

Once kids are comfortable with the concept and functions, they can move to the Expert mode.  There are more shapes and more functions to play with. In Expert mode, kids can rotate, duplicate and group objects; change the canvas color; or go back to early pictures to edit and delete them.  This is the place kids can create some really sophisticated pictures and stories. 

The shapes are bright and colorful, the interface is user friendly, and the process is very intuitive for kids to follow. 

iGameMom Comments:

I always get excited by apps that encourage imagination.  Easy Studio – Animate with shapes is one of them. Besides, kids can learn a lot from playing. While putting pictures together with only geometric shapes, kids learn shapes, colors, and sizes, and how different shapes relate to each other.  When creating the sequence of the pictures to form the animation, they learn the basics of animation.  When using the animation to tell a story, they are using their imagination and practice story telling …  If you want to, you can even teach math with this app – put in 1 rectangles and 2 circles – is that a bus? 

Easy Studio – Animate with shapes works on iPAD.  Usually $3.99, it is FREE for limited time on App Store at the time of post. Please check the price when you purchase, as only developers can change the app price and it is out of our control.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.

Easy Studio - Animate with Shapes! - Les Trois Elles Interactive

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  • moi

    hi, maybe you should delete this post. The free time is over .

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I usually keep these kind of posts – as even for free apps, we only post those we feel are good enough to recommend to our readers. Although it is not free anymore, it is still a good app worth checking out.

      • nouna

        You’re right. When I saw it I thought it was still free.

        • It is out of our control of the app price. I’d love to share the app deals, but with so many app deals shared it will be too much work to update or go back to delete posts, just for the price change – I am working over 40 hours a week on this website already. That is why I put “for limited time” on the post, and please make sure check price when you check them out.

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