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App Went Free: Fun Alphabet and Spelling with Word Wizard

Word Wizard: talking movable alphabet and spelling test for kids

Word Wizard is a learning app helping kids learn letters and words.  Given the way it works, you can use it to learn alphabet or you can use it to learn spelling and to build vocabulary. It is a fun alphabet and spelling app for kids from preschool to upper elementary school.

When you start the app, you can add a user if you want to track the performance. There are two types activities: Movable Alphabet and Spelling Quizzes. Fun Alphabet and Spelling with Word Wizard

With Movable Alphabet, kids can move any letters at the bottom of the screen up to the main display area. Every time a letter is touched, kids hear the announcer read aloud the letter. If all the letters form a correct word, the word will be read aloud too.

For younger kids, this could be a simple play of learning the alphabet. Kids will learn to recognize the letter and their sound. If you choose the option of phonics, kids will hear the phonics of the letters instead.

To switch to Spelling Quizzes, you just need tap on the setting button at the top left corner and then Main Menu button.

Under Spelling Quizzes, you can use build-in lists, or you can build your own lists. There are near 200 built-in lists you can choose from, such as consonant-vowel-consonant words for beginners, Dolch words, numbers, colors, sports.  Once you choose a list, the app will ask you to spell each word in the list. The performance is tracked.

There are many options in the app that makes it a good language tool for kids of a wide age ranges.

For toddler and preschool kids who are just learning letters, they can just use the Movable Alphabet. They can learn to recognize the letter and their sound.

For kids just start learning words, those Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Words for Beginner lists are great. Kids will like being able to move the letter tiles to make a word. It is like solving a puzzle, in the same time, they are learning their first words.

For older kids who are trying to expand their vocabulary, they can build their own lists. This could be a good supplementing tool to help kids master the spelling words required from school.

There are other options that make the app very kids friendly.

You can choose the letter shown on screen be lower case or upper case; You can choose the letter layout as QWERTY or ABC keyboard layout; you can decide voice be letter sound or phonics; You can pick one of the 4 voices of different accents (2 US, UK, Australia); you can change the speed of voice to suite your child’s preference. The neatest feature, you can change the voice tone to make it more like a child or a grown up.

Overall Word Wizard is a very versatile language learning app that can meet different learning objectives.  It works on iPhone, iPod and iPAD. It is usually $2.99. It is free for one day only.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Word Wizard

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  • Marianne

    I just saw this pin on my “pin feed” this morning and went to check out the app you were talking about…its not FREE 🙁

    • Unfortunately, only app developers can control the app price. It was free when post went live, but there is no way for us to know how long it stay free. Glad you checked the price. The best way to stay updated on app deals is to sign up for our free email news http://eepurl.com/nmgKn
      With that said, on iGameMom.com, we won’t post the app deals unless we felt it worth the full price. We don’t just post app deals because it is a deal, we post because we are going to recommend the app even if it is not free.

  • I’ll have to download this one for my daughter. She’s in the 2nd grade, but she has spelling issues sometimes. Her brother is 4 and can use it as well. Thank you!

    • Double check the price, make sure it is what you want to pay for. We don’t review apps on deals unless we feel it is worth the full price, but still check the price.

  • Thank you! My 4 year old son LOVES this game. He loves to spell his name and several other words.

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