App Went FREE: Little Things Forever
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App Went FREE: Little Things Forever

Little Things Forever

Little Things Forever is FREE for limited time, from $2.99.

It is a beautifully made ISPY type of game, yet very different.  When you start the game, you see a big picture with bright vibrant color, and as it zooms in, you will see this big picture is made of many small pictures of objects.  You job is to find the objects listed out for you.

There are three play modes in this app. One is not timed; You can take your time to find the objects that listed out. You don’t get the list of things to find all at the same time. Instead, you start with 2-3 objects on the list; Once you find everything on the first list, the 2nd list shows up with more objects, then the 3rd list, ……

The 2nd play mode is timed play. You continuously receive objects to find in the picture, and try to find as many objects as you can within a given time.  In either of these two modes, you earn a piece of puzzle when you finish a round.  The third mode is to fit the puzzle pieces you earned into a picture.  This will unlock a new level of play, and more big pictures to play with.

Little Things Forever App

iGameMom Comments:

There are many iSPY type of apps on the App Store.  This one really stands out for how beautiful it is, no matter it is the picture, the color, the music, or the transition between the games.  Even the hint is given out gracefully – when you hit the hint, you will see the spotlight coming out from the bottom of the screen, moving closer and closer to the object you are trying to find, while the rest area is shaded out.  The moving of the spotlight is slow and smooth, giving you the last opportunity to find the object on your own. 

Little Things Forever is a beautiful app that I recommend even it is not free.  It works on iPhone, iPod and iPAD.  The original price is $2.99.  It is now FREE for limited time on App Store.  It is also available for Android on Google Play

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Little Things® Forever - KLICKTOCK

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  • Thank you for sharing this. Free is even more fun! Found your blog from Mom’s Library, so glad I did!

    • Thanks for stopping by. So glad you come via Mom’s Library. I just started to cohosting it every week.

  • This looks really fun! I think DD would like this.

    BTW, DD asked me to ask you a question since you have seen so many apps. Is there a cartoon-making app that could work for elementary school children, please? DD wants to draw her own figures and include speech balloons. Thanks for any advice you can give.

    • How important is the speech balloons? There are quite few apps letting kids create their own stories, but most of them let you add text without the “balloon”. If this is ok, you can check out Scribble my story (Free). However, if speech bubble is a must, Toonia Storymaker ($5.99) has it.

  • This looks cute! I’ll have to look for the Android version 🙂

    • It is beautifully made, kids into arts will appreciate and enjoy it more.

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