Stop Motion Animation on iPad with iStopMotion
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Stop Motion Animation on iPad with iStopMotion


iStopMotion for iPAD, as the app name suggested, lets you create stop motion animation on iPad with pictures. The app features make it easy to use and possible for everyone to fulfill their movie making dream. It is usually $5-10, and it is free for one day only.

There are many features I liked about this app. I also have some ideas on how to use it with kids at the iGameMom Comment section of this post. Stop Motion Pictures on iPad

1. Although the app is only available on iPad, you can use your iPhone or iPod take pictures with a free companion app iStopCamera.

2. You can capture frames automatically at a given time interval, then make these pictures into a movie. I am thinking about quick family movies.

3. The app allows you to control camera exposure and focus. You can move the focus point of each picture to create the effect you desire.

4. When you take a sequence of pictures, the app will show you where the last picture is on the frame, so you know the precise location of the new picture to create the effect you want.

5. You can adjust the speed of picture transition, from 1 frame per second to 30 frames per second.

6. You can add sound from different sources: music library, Dropbox, or SoundCloud. If you have a different app, like GarageBand, you can import audio files from those apps. You can also record your sound, like narration of a story.

7. You can have sound first, then create pictures based on the sound. You can also have pictures first, then edit the sound to match with the picture frame speed.

8. Once you are done with the movie, you can save the video in your camera roll, or upload it to DropBox. You can email it to someone, or share it on YouTube.

iGameMom Comment:

I can think of several uses of this app with kids.

If you are trying to correct some moves of your young athlete, like the way he/she shoots the basket, the automatic frame capture feature could be very useful.

Kids can use this to record their project pictures, then make a movie showing the project progress.

With the feature allowing adding pictures to match the sound track, you can ask kids to read a book, or re-tell the story from a book, then ask them to draw pictures based on their narration. They will have a movie story of their own.

It will be an interesting experience to take a picture of a plant or flower or a pet over time, and see how they change over a certain period of time, like 24 hours.

I particular like the feature that you can have the sound track first, then make the movie to fit the sound track. This will be great for kids’ storytelling. Some kids are more visual, they would do better creating a movie first. Some kids are more abstract thinkers, you can then ask them to create story or anything they want to talk about first, then encourage them to create visuals to go with their stories.

Do you have some ideas to use it with kids and like to share?

iStopMotion works on iPad, with a free companion app iStopCamera to allow users to take pictures with iPhones and iPods.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
iStopMotion iStopMotion   iStopCamera iStopCamera

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