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App Went Free: The Jungle Book with 3D Interactive Pop-ups

The Jungle Book – 3D Interactive Pop Up Book

The Jungle Book – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book is a fun story book for young kids.  It is about Mowgli, the young orphan adopted by wolves. As a story app with lot interactions, it is a good app to engage active kids. It is usually $3.99, and is FREE for limited time.

Here is the introduction from App Store: “Join Mowgli on a tropical adventure through the jungles of India as he escapes the clutches of the dangerous Shere Khan. Experience the colourful wilderness and enjoy the exotic sights and sounds of the jungle in this, the latest classic tale to get a sprinkling of StoryToys magic. Rich animation, 3D pop-up scenes and wonderful sound effects transport you to the world of Mowgli and friends where the reader can take part in the story.”

The Jungle Book with 3D Interactive Pop-upsWhat make this app different, is the 3D pop-up interactions.  After every 1or 2 pages of reading, there is a 3D page for kids to play with: they may have to search for baby Mowgli with the help of the jungle animals; or they need knock fruit off trees to feed Baloo; or they need to pick thorns out of the wolf’s paws; or give elephants a cooling mud bath before washing them down with fresh water…  It is just fun to watch the 3D scenes pop up on the pages and react to your touch.

The music is upbeating and entertaining. There are also a 3D Sticker Book and Puzzle Games for kids to play.  There are some are free, but to get the whole package of Stickers and Puzzles you have to buy via In-App purchase.

Kids can choose to have the book read to them, or read it by themselves, or autoplay like watching a movie.

Overall it is a fun story app with engaging activities.  It is a fun way to introduce the Mowgli story to young kids.

The Jungle Book – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPAD. It is usually $3.99 on App Store. It is free for limited time.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
The Jungle Book

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  • Eleanor

    My kids love The Jungle Book, so this app looks perfect. I like the sound of the pop-up interactions!

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