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Thomas and Friends – Hero of the Railways

Thomas and Friends – Hero of the Railway

I wanted to review Thomas and Friends Apps for a long time. There are several of them available on App Store, and are well made book apps for toddlers or even elementary school kids. Today I’d like to share Thomas and Friends Hero of the Railways. If you have a Thomas fan at home, I am sure you will like it.
Thomas and Friends Hero of the Rails
After a race with Spencer lands Thomas in the bushes, he discovers Hiro, an abandoned engine from a far-away land. Once called Master of the Railway, Hiro is now rusty and broken. Thomas promises to help repair him, but quickly realizes that he can’t complete his usual jobs and help Hiro on his own. To make matters worse, nosy Spencer is close to figuring out that Thomas is up to something! Can Thomas and his friends pull together to help Hiro before it’s too late?

Thomas and Friends – Hero of the Railway is the app version of the book of the same title. The art works are original, and the text are the same as the print book. The users can choose to have the book read to you, or you read it yourself.  On each page, there are some animations started by tapping on the pictures.

In addition to reading the book, there are puzzles, coloring pages, and games for the kids to play. There are also short videos from the same titled movie.

Overall, this is a well-made book app for young kids.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Railway

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  • Sherrah

    I love Thomas tank, used to watch everyday when I came home from school! Although several years later my nephew drove me mad with two things “thomas the tank engine” and later “james bond” — but I have had many year to recover, now I’m ok with Thomas, but i still cant see old bond movies 🙂

  • DeAnna

    So grateful for this page on your site! I have a 2 year old and a Galaxy – looking forward to adding some (free!) toddler-friendly apps to the phone. Thanks for visiting my site, also.

  • iscribbler

    Thank you for a wonderful suggestion and review! I’ll definitely pass this along to my sister-in-law for my nephew. He LOVES Thomas and they could use a few good interactive apps. 🙂

  • La.

    You have a really good resource going on over here.

    • It is still free as of Thursday (Oct.25) night. It is never too late to check …

  • Cathy

    We love Thomas in our house, so this is a great review!! Do you come across apps for the Nook Tablet much? It seems iPad and Droid are the most common. Thanks!

    • Most apps start with iPAD and iPhone, now Droid starts catching up… Hope you get the app for free.

  • ana

    Thanks so much! A big Thomas fan in our house, he loves the app. I also used your button. Thanks again.

  • Rasha

    Thanks much, I’ve got 3 fans! And I used your button 🙂

  • Kristie

    Thanks for the heads-up! My little nephew adores Thomas and I’m always looking for new, inexpensive (or free) iPad apps for him.

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