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App Went Free: Washington DC by Kids Discover

Washington DC Book App

Washington DC is the capital city of the USA. It is a fascinating city full of history.  How much do you know about Washington DC? Washington D.C. by Kids Discover is a wonderful book app designed for kids with a lot interesting information about the city.  Designed for kids in upper elementary and middle school, the multi-media content and interactive features make the reading interesting and easier to engage for the kids.

The app covers 8 chapters:

1. The District of Columbia: the history of Washington D.C

2. Building a Capital Capital: The design of the city

3. Of the People: the structure of the US government Multimedia book about Washington DC

4. At Home in the White House: get a glimpse of the rooms in the White House, including some 3D views. Also included in this chapter are some kids who lived in the White House

5. Washington D.C at a Glance: a map overview of the city and a 3D view of Lincoln Memorial

6. Monumental Washington: The stories of all the monuments

7. The Nation’s Attic: Smithsonian’s history and what you can see at the museums

8. What Else Is There to See: something interesting places surrounding Washington D.C, such as National Harbor, JFK Center for the Performing Arts.

After finishing all the introductions, kids will have fun activities, such as puzzles, word scrambles, connecting dots. A fun one is the 5 activities about ice cream.

There is a quiz section where kids can find out how much content they have mastered.

At the end, there is a Resource section for kids to learn more about Washington D.C.  Kids will find links to other websites, and books about Washington DC on Amazon.

iGameMom comments:

I like digital non-fiction books for kids. Non-fiction reading tends to be dry and boring. With the digital format, the interactive features on the pictures and multi-media contents make the reading much more interesting for kids than the usual print books.

Book apps from Kids Discover have done a great job in integrating the multi-media content into a clean and simple user interface. Kids can read the top line summaries for basic information, or click through the pictures and texts for more details on each, if they are interested in learning more.

Washington DC by Kids Discover is a wonderful book app for kids. It works on iPAD. It is usually $3.99. It is now free for limited time.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Washington DC

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