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App with Indoor Science Learning Activity Ideas

KidScience Free App

With the weather getting cold, I started searching for indoor fun activities for kids. I found this interesting app called KidScience. It is an app showing you how to do some science experiments using materials you can find at home. It is a handy app for indoor science learning activity ideas.

In the app, you can search for science experiments by “Experiment Name”, “What is in My Pantry”, “Age Group”, “Science Type” (biology, physics, etc.), and “Amount of Time” the experiment takes. I particularly like the option of search by “what is in my pantry”. There are about 20 experiments in the app right now. From the app store introduction, looks like the developers are going to add more in the future. KidScience App

Once you find an experiment you can do, you will get information on:
* Summary: what this experiment is about
* Age of kids
* Duration of the experiment
* Ingredients and steps
* Science behind the fun

There are also images and videos. In the Free version, only 3 experiments come with videos. You can buy the videos via In-App Purchase for $0.99 each. Once you paid for 5 videos, you unlock the full version, which gives you access to videos of all experiments.

There is a Featured section. Periodically, the app will feature an experiment. Now the Featured is Halloween Science Experiments.

iGameMom Comment:

This is an app good to have handy in the house. It is something you can refer to for some quick ideas of indoor fun. I checked a couple of the experiments. All can be done easily at home, with easy to find materials, like milk and food color, and very simple steps. There are experiments for kids age 2 – 10.

It is designed for iPhone and iPod, but also works on iPAD. It is FREE on App Store, with the option to purchase more videos via In-App Purchase.

I suggest start with the free version. If the kids like it, and you feel you really need the video, then you can consider getting more videos.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.

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  • Rebecca

    Looks like a great way to finds fun activities.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase

    • Thanks for stopping by. Hope you find something interesting. Glad you left a comment, now I found your wonderful blog, and for sure will visit more.

  • amy

    thanks for this. we need it!

    • you are welcome. It is all easy to do. We did some at home, they are fun.

  • michael stroh

    This site is awesome, I’m so glad you checked out my blog. I look forward to following your site and being able to find awesome apps for my little boy. He’s only 3.5 months. Are there apps for newborns that you suggest?


    • Thanks for the visit. For young babies, any of the books would be good. Here are some books you can take a look. Fruit Ninja is a fun game a little one of 3 month old can have some fun, you can find out more about the game HERE. Make sure cover the screen in case any body fluid gets on it. 🙂 or consider a baby-proof case for your device. You can find more info HERE.

  • Dirk

    So great to see you encouraging science – we’ll be trying one next rainy day.

    • I tried a couple of them. They are all so easy to do. I like the science explaination part. So kids know why behind the what.

  • Sherri Burgan

    Science has always been a great interest for me and now I am trying to share that love with my boy’s and it seems to be working! 😉

    • I felt this is perfect way to teach science. It is everywhere in our everyday life!

  • Barbara Stanley

    Science is something that American children have lost their passion for. Parents and teachers have to get involved and re-ignite that passion.

  • Isabel

    Such a neat app! I would LOVE to win this science kit, and if I did, I would give it as a Christmas gift to one of my 3rd grade students, seeing as I teach math and science! 😀

  • Celina

    Sweet! My 9 year old is a big science buff and is becoming more and more of one everyday. My brother is hoping to send her and my nephews to spacecamp this summer so if that happens, I expect science to run the rest of her life! Thanks for all your AMAZING app recommendations. Even the kids will say that this new app or that new app is great, and I only take my recommendations from you. Thank you so much!

    • I am so glad to hear that the kids like the apps. You made my day!!

  • Erin

    I am duplicating myself as I commented on the other post! Way to follow directions, huh?

    My son Sam and his two younger siblings will love using this app to try science experiments. I appreciate all your recommendations and free app notices! I will try and reciprocate soon with an updated blog and some helpful healthy tidbits! Thanks for everything!

  • Niamh

    I love science and finding it in everyday things with my son!

  • Marie Rodriguez Sollitt

    Science for fun, thank you!

  • kimberly

    Just downloaded three apps for my kids, thanks you. 😉

  • chrissyg22

    Thank you! My daughters will love this. Very useful site.

  • Kim Constable

    This sounds great! I’ll check it out today via your link 🙂 x

  • Mama sofya

    Thanks for sharing this info. I never know about this apps on ipad. I will definitely try it with my children.

    • it is designed for iPhone/iPod. You can download on iPAD, the screen is small, with the size of iPhone screen. But you can choose double the screen by tapping “2x” on the right-bottom corner.

  • fourandadog

    I love the look of this one.

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