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Automatically Adjustable Desk for Everyone at Home

Automatically Adjustable Desk for Everyone at Home post image

Do you have a small space at home? Do you have multiple kids of different height? Do kids fight for desk space for their homework or art projects? If you answer yes to any of these questions, read on.

Autonomous smart desk, automatically adjustable height for everyone in the family

Recently, my husband decided it is best for him to work while standing. Not sure how long this “work while standing” last, therefore, not ready to purge the old desk designed for working while sitting down, he’s been stacking up books for his computers and keyboards. Yet, it is just not feeling right. Besides the computer, all other spots on the desk is “down under”. If he needs to write on a piece of paper, he has to bend down to work on the desk surface.

Now many schools are remote, leaving kids doing their school at home. For those with multiple kids of different ages, it is hard to provide everyone their own desk, given limited space. Desk works for first grader won’t work well for the 8th grader, vice versa.

Isn’t it nice if there is a desk that automatically move the desk surface to adjust for different height?

Just as I was dreaming about a desk like this, the dream came true.

We received a smart desk from Autonomous Desk for review. We love it.

First the set up was easy.

The shipments arrived in two packages, desktop in one, and the legs and frames in another. After unpacking, it took my husband and son less than 30 minutes to put it together.

You can see from the picture below what are inside the package. The box behind standing is the desktop package.

Autonomous Desk, inside package

Here you can see all the parts inside the box.

Autonomous Desk, parts

You do want to place the desk close to an electric outlet, as the desk needs connect to electricity to change the height.

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Setting up the height choices is easy.

It is truly a smart desk. All you need do is to press the up or down button to have the desk top start moving up or down. When it reaches the ideal height you want, you press a numbered button – that is your height. Next time, when you need this height, just press the number and the desk will automatically adjust the height you wanted. There is a total of 4 preset buttons, which means you can have 4 different pre-set height on each desk. Once you preset a height, and the next time you need that height, you just need press the preset number for the desk to automatically adjust to that height for you.

Autonomous Smart Desk, control pad

If you need more than 4 different heights, that is not a problem neither. Just press the up and down button to find a new height. It is just the new height won’t be “remembered” by the desk. You have to adjust it each time if you need a new height beyond the 4 “preset”.

What I really liked is that you can adjust the height anywhere between 25.4 inches to 31 inches, no restriction. It is not like some products that have fixed choices of height for you to choose. The Autonomous Desk allow you to move the desk height anywhere within the range.

It is nice even if it is just for one person to use. As we all know, the ideal height for reading books, typing on computers, writing on note books are all different, even for one person. With this automatic adjusted desk, it makes ergonomic become a true reality.

Use code IGAMEMOM for 10% off your purchase price.

The desk is very sturdy.

It is heavy and sturdy. We did not test it, but on the website, it claims it can lift 300lbs – you can load a lot of stuff on the desk. For those who are considering using it as a workbench desk, this is a very solid desk.

The desk is also very stable while adjusting height.

The adjustment moving speed is steady in reasonable pace. All you see is the height change, no wobbling at all. The starting and stopping of the adjustments are smooth and steady, no visible jerking or shaking, no back-forth jumping. All the adjustment moves is straight up or down move. The desk top stay leveled while the adjustment. There is no worries about items at the desktop move around. I even tried to place a glass of water at the top of the desk, the water was still through out the process.

To operate the adjustment is easy.

Any child can push a number button can do it. There is no adult supervision needed. So this is a good news for families have young children.

There are some drawbacks to consider before the purchase.

First, you will need an adjustable chair for different individuals, likely. Autonomous offer adjustable chairs too. We don’t have a need for chairs, so we did not purchase their chair. But you can check it out on their website – scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find the chairs.

Next, the desk is just a desktop. There are no shelves, no draws. If you need storage space, you may consider a bigger desk, so you have space for boxes or containers for stationaries. They do have file cabinets. You can find cabinets matching the desk at the bottom of the page of the same website.  

Overall, I feel this is an ideal desk for families with multiple kids, especially those with kids who can’t sit still for long or kids who may use the desk for different purposes: homework, study, craft, watching videos on a computer. It is also great for someone who likes to stand, either all the time or once in a while, instead of sitting all the time. I do recommend get a desk with a bigger desk surface so you have space for shelves and stationaries, such as a pencil holder.

Use code IGAMEMOM for 10% off your purchase price.

Let me how do you like it if you purchased one.

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