Awesome Rock Paining STEM Project Ideas for Kids
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Awesome Rock Paining STEM Project Ideas for Kids

Awesome Rock Paining STEM Project Ideas for Kids post image

Rocks are easy to find. I recently find many awesome learning ideas for kids using painted rocks. I picked those with STEAM focus (Science Math Tech Engineering Art) to have a list of Painted Rock STEAM Activities for Kids. Please come back if you love rock painting. I will add more to this STEM activity list. Look at those painted rocks! Aren’t they cute?

We have a lot gravels and small rocks in our yard. If you don’t have a yard, or don’t have rocks in the yard, you can find different rocks on Amazon. As to paint, you want use water resistant paint, or crayon. We have a project listed particular for paining rocks with crayon. Read on!

Fun Rock Painting STEAM Activities

Painted rocks STEAM projects for kids to learn science math art and more
Have you tried to paint with real leaves? The picture on the post looked so pretty. I want to try one myself. It is a great way to record different kinds of leaves.

Paint the rocks as puzzle pieces, so kids can use them to create beautiful pictures of animals. I love this giraffe and flamingo

Paint different colors and shapes on rocks for kids to play and learn patterns and geometry.

Paint different forms of numbers on rocks to help kids learn counting

Another way to learn numbers and counting is this painted stone butterflies.

Melt crayon on rocks as art gifts. Kids learn science while creating art

This set of space rocks is such a creative way to learn about the space and planets.

Paint the stones with colored vinegar. What a creative idea combining science and art!

Stack the rainbow using painted rocks will help kids understand the concept center of gravity.

Rock painting science math STEAM activities

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