Be a Math Monster Master with Prodigy Game
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Be a Math Monster Master with Prodigy Game

Be a Math Monster Master with Prodigy Game post image

Do you have a child who likes to play games? How about math? Does he/she like to practice math? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if kids like math just like they do with games? Now your dream comes true with Prodigy Game. It is a free math game covering grade 1 to 8. Kids play games like a Pokemon trainer, catching monsters, using math. You can use it on the game website on computer or on tablets.
free common core aligned math game for grade 1 to 8 prodigy game
Before you can use it, you need sign up a free account as teacher, then you can add students into your class. If you are not a teacher, you can sign up as a parent, and your child can use it for free too.

The content covers math for grade 1 to grade 8. When kids first play the game, the initial games are evaluations to place the child at the right level. After the initial placement, kids will progress at their own individual pace. The difficulty level for each child is dynamically adjusted based on that child’s performance. Of course, kids don’t know about these tests. All they know is they are playing games, and math is part of the game.

Kids are free to explore any area of the island. In each area, they are going to meet monsters and they need battle these monsters just like the Pokemon trainers. They defeat the monsters by solving math problems. They can also catch some of the monsters as their own pets. For winning the battles, kids will earn gold coins and move up levels. They can use the gold to purchase clothes, house, furniture.

The problems are aligned to Common Core, Blooms Taxonomy, ISTE, and you can choose which standard you want to use. Teachers can review each student’s progress, and see which areas they are doing well, which areas they need more work. The game is always free for teachers. For families, you will be asked to upgrade. However, all the educational components are included in the free package for families, the upgrade only provide additional game features, such as more clothing options for the avatar.

Prodigy Game is a wonderful free math resource for both classroom and home use. You can use it on computers and mobile devices.

You can visit the game on the game site.

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