Books Teaching Children to Read & iPAD Mini Giveaway
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Books Teaching Children to Read & iPAD Mini Giveaway

Blue Manor Education Book Set

Today we are introducing a book set teaching children to read.  It is from Blue Manor Education.  As it is their grand opening day, they are doing an iPAD mini giveaway.  All iGameMom readers can enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. 

We have introduced several early reader series before, like ABCmouse early reader series free apps.  The Blue Manor Education’s Early Reader Series  are not apps, instead, they are eBooks in PDF format, which can be opened in iBook easily.  iBook is an Apple app comes with your iPAD and iPhone, so you should have it already. 

The Early Readers Book Set from Blue Manor Education is designed for kids 2 to 7 year-old.  There are 6 books in the set.  The stories are just the right length to keep theBlue Manor Education Early Reader Books little one’s interest.  What is unique about the set, the texts and pictures are not on the same page.  Kids will see the text first, then the picture on the next page.  As Janine from Blue Manor Education told me, the reason they do that is because kids’ attention will be more on the pictures if picture and text are on the same page, as a result, they will not pay 100% attention to the words.  If kids see the text without picture, they have to read the words, and the picture on the next page is the “reward”.  Another thing interesting I noticed is the transition from upper case to lower case.  The first books in the series are mostly upper case letters, then gradually kids will see upper and lower case letters mixed in the sentences.   This is also by design, to help kids better recognize the letters. 

As I mentioned earlier, these books are in PDF formats.  After you purchased the books, you can download them onto your iPAD.  You can do so in several ways.  You can download the books from their website on your iPAD directly; or download it on your computer into a Dropbox then open the file on your iPAD from your Dropbox; or you can simply email yourself the book file as an attachment after downloading it onto your computer, then open the email on your iPAD.  I downloaded it on my computer into my Dropbox.  When I click the file in my Dropbox on iPAD, it asked me if I want to open it in iBook or other applications, I clicked iBook. 

If you are interested in the book, please visit Blue Manor Education Website, then go to Manor Store.  In addition to this Early Reader Book Set, they have a lot other early childhood learning books.  It is reasonablly priced.  The set is $6.99 with 6 books in the set.  Blue Manor Education has offered 30% off on all their books for iGameMom readers till the end of June (use code BME4IGM).  If you have a preschooler at home, this is a good book set to consider. 


To celebrate the Grand Opening, Blue Manor Education is a running big giveaway. The Grand Prize winner gets an iPad mini and all their Prek & K eBook Sets. A $410 value!!! Four runners-up will win their complete Prek & K eBook Sets. If you have already purchased an eBook set and win the giveaway, they will give you a full refund!  To enter the giveaway, simply enter the Rafflecopter below.  If you don’t see it on your screen, refresh your browser usually helps.

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iPAD Mini Giveaway

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  • Dani Rren

    Material that is meant to make reading easier for kids is always a welcome idea for most. As much as a parent knows just what is needed to help their kid to learn, most times they still keep looking to make the experience much more fruitful.

    Dani Rren

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