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Cool Math Games of Fractions – Slice Fractions

Slice Fractions

Is fraction a hard concept to learn? The basic concept may be not, but when it comes to comparison and calculation, it can get very confusing sometime. What is a better way to teach and reinforce the fraction concept than playing games? Today I am sharing cool math games of fractions: Slice Fractions. It is also the number 1 featured app on App Store for Best New Apps.

What is interesting about Slice Fractions is that it combines math and physics into one game. The game is designed based on math common core concepts for grade 2 to 4. You can find the common core concepts addressed at different game levels on the game’s home screen.  The math concept introductions and level progressions are so well designed that kids will move up the levels smoothly, not even realizing they are learning new concepts or the games are getting harder. Fun Math Game of Fractions

The first several games are simply introducing how the game works. The objective of the game is to clear the path for a lovely mammoth. If there are ice blocks on the road, then kids need put equal sized lava to melt the ice; if lava blocks are on the road, they need equal size of ice. The key is the equal amount of the two – if either is more than the other, it will stay on the road as a barrier. There will be times kids have to cut the big blocks into smaller pieces (a fraction) to create the right size. To have the right size, kids must have very good knowledge of shapes and areas, in addition to fractions. This is the math part of the game.

Besides math, there are physics involved in the game play. The blocks that kids need to neutralize the road barriers are usually chained and connected in certain ways. Kids have to figure out where, which, how, and when to cut or move certain part of the connected pieces, so the right amount of the blocks get to the right spot at the right time. It is physics, as well as strategic planning and problem solving.

Slice Fractions is a cool math and physics game for kids. It is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is also available for Android on Google Play. It is $2.99.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Slice Fractions Slice Fractions

Looking for more fraction apps? Check out this free app: Oh No Fraction. Oh No Fractions App

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  • cool math

    thank you very nice games

  • Ninacs

    I have been using IXL with my son (7th grade) for about a year and a half. IXL has been the most effective math prticace tool I have ever used with my son–and he has been homeschooled for his entire school career!I use a traditional text to introduce new concepts, along with videos from Khan Academy for extra explanation. My son then prticaces his lesson on IXL. His prticace sessions on IXL are much more productive than on pencil and paper; it’s not unusual for him to complete between 100 and 120 problems in a single session online (about 60 minutes). I do have him do some written prticace from his text every few days, and he is generally only able to complete about 35 written problems in the same amount of pratice time. I love the fact that IXL is focused on mastery and doesn’t follow a traditional grading system. My son masters some concepts in one sitting, and other concepts may take several prticace sessions to master. It really forces my son to slow down and think about his work, especially when he is about to reach the ‘mastery’ SmartScore of 100.I also love the reporting feature, which I use daily. I can see exactly how many problems he attempted, which gives extra meaning to the SmartScore. For example, if you have a low SmartScore of 30, but you only spent 5 minutes on a topic and completed 10 problems, then the student simply needs more time to build up their score. However, if the student gets a SmartScore of 30, but they have prticaced for 30 minutes and done 50 problems, then they likely require extra personal instruction on the topic.Sorry for the long post. IXL is part of our everyday math routine, and I feel like I could talk a blue streak about it. It’s definitely been worth the subscription cost for our family. Reply

    • It is great you find something works for your child. We used IXL on and off. It is really a good practice site.

  • We are happy to discover a vibrant community on this blog. We’re really glad you liked the app. If you have suggestions for improvements do not hesitate to contact us on our website, we’d love to hear from you (http://ululab.com).
    – Ululab Team

  • This is perfect since I am starting now teaching my 6 yr old son in fraction lesson. Thank you for the share.

  • So glad I came across this! I just sent this on to one of our 4th grade teachers. She is working on fractions and I have a few students in mind that this may be good for!

    • Glad you find it helpful. My son loved it and is still playing with it.

  • This is perfect timing! We are teaching my nephew math now.

    • Glad you see this can help. It is a fun game kids will love it.

  • My daughter is learning fractions in school right now and I am pretty sure that this would help her tons. A lot of math is just memorization and that can only happen through the repetitive process. It would also be nice for her to play an educational game on her kindle or ipod.

    • Repetition will definitely help, and this makes it playful and fun, so it is not so boring.

  • I hate math and hated math in school and unfortunately I passed this down to my kids. This is so cute and looks like fun. I know my son would think of this as a game and not a learning experience.

    • It is really a fun game. I like how they build the teaching in the game play. Kids will love it.

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