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Creative Alphabet Learning Activities – Mom’s Library

Mom’s Library

Welcome back to Mom’s Library. Last week, we featured 4 creative teaching ideas, today we have some more creative teaching ideas, but are more focused on learning letters.

Measured Mom is one of my favorite learning website, today she shared a reading curriculum. From her article, I learned a couple new ideas in teaching alphabets, such as sorting the pictures by the objects’ starting letters, and grouping the rhyming pictures together.  To learn more ideas, make sure visit the article.

I like the idea of introducing the letter B with buses in the bathtub.  They also tied the learning with a book, find out more at School Bus Virtual Book Club.

This super hero upper and lower case matching game is so cute, make sure to visit the site for the free printables.

Here is an article listed 6 ideas of alphabet activities, and my favorite is the clothes pin and paper plate letter match.

Do you like any of the ideas?  I’d like to continue featuring creative learning ideas for different subjects, math, writing, fine motor skills.  Please share your ideas below!

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