Flexible Mobile Plan with Incredible Parent Control Options
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Flexible Mobile Plan with Incredible Parent Control Options

Flexible Mobile Plan with Incredible Parent Control Options post image

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf for Virgin Mobile. I received a sample device to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. Do your kids have cell phones? No matter when do you feel comfortable to give a cell phone to your child, the first several months when they carry the phone with them will always be a critical time for them to learn how to take care of the device, and how to use the device responsibly. The most concerns parents have over kids having cell phones is they get distracted at the time they should be focusing their attention on something else, such as school work, lessons, or driving. Another big concern parents have is kids over spending on texts and games. If you are one of these parents, you will be happy to learn what I am sharing today: a flexible mobile plan with great parent control options.

Virgin Mobile is a mobile program gives users the best flexibility on services they need, and offers great parent control options to ease parents’ concerns.

The best feature I like about the program is how you can customize the program.

It costs less than $7 to start a line, which includes 20 minutes talk time, and 20 texts. From there, you can add talk time, texts, and data separately. For 250 minutes talk time, it is only $3; 250 texts is $2.50; and 20MB data is only $1.40. In our case, my son doesn’t call or text much, we just go with the free plan of 20 minutes talk and 20 texts. We added 250MB data for him to surf online or play his games, which is $8. With all these, the first month is $14. It provides the peace of mind that he can call me when he needs to, such as change of plan on sports practice or school event. It makes it easier to coordinate family time.

Another wonderful feature is the parent control.

You can sign in the account, and set up the time when the phone is accessible and when certain features are off. I set up that during school hours he can only call parents, with no internet or app access. I also turn off internet and app access during his sleep hours, for us it is 9pm to 7am. These are great features to help kids learn to discipline themselves on mobile usage.

If you have more than one child, the program allows you to share the plan with up to 5 phones.

All these features, including program plan and parent control can be changed at any time. When you login the account, you can see up to date usage data and make adjustment accordingly.

Virgin Mobile is a great mobile program for families who are just trying cell phones out, with highly flexible plan and incredible parent control options. You can find the devices at Walmart or on Walmart.com. To learn more about the program, you can visit Virgin Mobile website.

Update: the program is currently not available.

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