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Leo’s Pad – A Preschool Learning Series

Leo’s Pad Preschool Learning Series

Leo’s Pad is a series of apps for preschool kids learning. Based on child development research, the content of the apps is well designed to assist child’s development as a whole person. In addition to academic skills, it addresses many other skills, like social cue reading, collaboration, and problem solving. Since it is designed for iPad, it utilizes all the features the tablets can offer to engage kids. All the activities are integral part of the story, so kids feel they are part of the story.  Free Preschool Learning Activities - Leo's Pad

Leo’s Pad just launched 6th Appisode, and all 6 Appisodes are free right now.  This review focuses on Appisode 6. To learn more about the series and earlier appisodes, please visit Leo’s Pad Appisode 5. (Update: now only the first Appisode is free.)

Continued from last appisode, in Appisode 6, Leo, Fusch, and Cinder try to catch the Wishing Fish, a fish who can grant wishes. They catch the fish but realize it is wrong to take the Wish Fish away from its home, so they make the wish that the fish is never caught again, and send the fish back home.

Some activities and skills addressed in this appisode include:

Fishing: kids are instructed to pay attention to the middle fish of the 3 fishes and put fish food on the side that the middle fish is looking at. Kids learn to follow the instructions, distinguish between left and right, and practice attention control.

Build submarine: kids create the submarine parts by tracing the parts’ pictures. When they assemble the parts together, they need fix the mis-located parts. It is nice that the lines are green when tracing along, and red when the tracing is off from the picture lines.  It is a good exercise on fine motor skills, and sizes and shapes.

There are more activities in the app. I hope the examples above can give you a feel how the activities and learnings are integrated together.

Like my review of earlier appisodes, I love the Parent’s Pad. Make sure to register before you let the kids start. As parents, you can see from the reports all the things kids are doing with the app. What is wonderful, it groups the skills into 7 categories, and you can see where your child is and progress he/she makes. I learned a lot from just reading through the information in Parent’s Pad. For more information about Parent’s Pad, please visit iGameMom’s review on an early appisode of Leo’s Pad.

In addition to progress track, parents can also find off-screen activity suggestions for each particular skill. Do you know you can use a superhero cape to help kids improve their ability to delay gratification? Download the free app, you will find out how.

iGameMom comments:

As parents we all care about our kids growth. We want them do well, we want them be successful, and we want them be happy growing up. But frankly speaking, some times we are not sure what is best way to teach kids, or question ourselves if we missed anything. Leo’s Pad takes the guess work out, gives parents and kids a wonderful tool that kids will enjoy the learning, and parents can rest assured that it addresses every aspect of growing up, not just academic skills.

Leo’s Pad is available on iPad. There are 6 Appisodes right now, it is free to download, with the first appisode free. Othe appisodes are available via In-App Purchase.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Leo's Pad

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