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Free App: Animated Storytelling App for Kids

Tellagami – a free storytelling app

Tellagami is a free storytelling app for kids.  It lets you create and share a short animated story called Gami, a fun app kids will love to use.  It is free on app store.

Kids can create an animated story in 3 simple steps.

First, they can customize the storytelling character. Features they can choose from are: gender, skin tone, hair style, eye colors, clothing, and emotions. Next, kids can choose a background for their story.  They can choose one from those provided by the app, or they can choose a picture from the device’s photo album, or take a photo of the scene they like.  Last, it is the actual storytelling. Kids can create the story by typing in words or recording with their own voice.  There is a limit on the story length. The max length is 450 words or 30 seconds.  Once they are done with story, they can preview the animated story. It is fun to watch how the character moves based on the content of the story.Free animated storytelling app for kids - Tellagami

After they finish the storytelling, kids can save the story to the device’s photo album, and then share the story with email, Facebook or Twitter. They can also upload the story to YouTube.

iGameMom Comments:

At first I did not like the limit on the story length. After my son created a couple stories in the summer, I feel it is actually perfect for kids who just start learning storytelling. The short length makes the whole process less intimidating. With the features like customizing the character, picking your own background, and light animation, it is a fun way to start kids on storytelling.

Besides storytelling, it is also a good tool for journals. For kids who are not very interested in writing journals, try this video journaling with Tellagami. It might trigger the child’s interest in writing eventually.  I asked my son to keep a journal of our vacation in the summer, he did a good job keeping it up every day during our vacation.

I have also read people using it for book reports. It will be the next project we will try with Tellagami.

Tellagami works on iPhone, iPod and iPAD. It is free on App Store at the time this post is published.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.

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