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FREE App: Building Fun with LEGO Junior Create and Cruise


When I saw which app I would be reviewing I couldn’t download it fast enough, literally! My son waited for the app to be downloaded onto the iPad while his sister was already playing on her iPod. He was playing catch up for the next few minutes, looking over her shoulder the entire time. I mean, its a cool free LEGO app!

The premise is simple. Kids pick a basic LEGO vehicle body, wheel, cabin, and cargo.  They then run the vehicle through a course. At first, kids only have one choice of each part of the vehicle body. They unlock more choices as they play the game. Kids can do that by collecting all the gold LEGO pegs as they maneuver the vehicle on a small stretch of road. I say maneuver because depending on the choice of wheel or cabin they may be bouncing the vehicle, flying, or blaring a siren as they collect pegs. The possibilities are endless once the various parts are unlocked. If the children don’t collect enough of the pegs per level, they still pass the level but they don’t get a new part to unlock. However, all is not lost because the gold pegs already collected will carry over to the next round.
Free LEGO for Preschool Kids to Build and Drive Their Own CarsAt the end of each level the child gets to make a LEGO figure ranging from various structures to different animals. Each level is just a slight variation on the same little stretch of road but as your child completes each, the LEGO figures they have made after each level appear off in the distance on that road. It is a nice detail to have in the game. There is also an option for kids to check their achievements.

NerdyBaker comments:
I was excited about this game when we first started playing it and even more after its most recent update. It is a very simple game and entirely engaging, all the while helping your kids use their imagination and building skills. For me, just for practicality, your kids can play with LEGO without having to break any LEGO apart! As a parent, my favorite feature was the end level figures that your kids build appearing in the game after they’ve built them. Both of my little ones pointed at their screens and noted with pride that they built those.

Here is a short video showing part of the app


LEGO Junior Create and Cruise is available for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. It is FREE on App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
LEGO Junior Create and Cruise

It is available for Android on Google Play.

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nerdybakerToday’s app is reviewed by Celina, the NerdyBaker Celina is a wife, a mother of three, a self-proclaimed nerd, lover of movies, science, and science fiction. She is always looking for fun and educational content for the iPAD and iPods.

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