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FREE App: Creatures of Light

Creature of Light

Creatures of Light is the companion app for the popular exhibition Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence. The exhibition was run at the American Museum of Natural History in 2013.
Creatures of Light
Introduction from American Museum of Natural History: The app “offers a close look at some of the extraordinary organisms that produce light. Enjoy interactive animations, photo galleries, and videos that reveal the beauty of this amazing natural phenomenon, how it works, and how scientists study it. Each chapter of the app, which is adapted from the iPad content featured throughout the exhibition gallery, is set to a symphonic soundtrack composed exclusively for Creatures of Light.”

There are 6 chapters in this app. All chapters have wonderful images and videos. The music goes with the content very well. There are some scientific terms in the content, such as bioluminescence, but overall it is quite easy to understand. Kids 10 or older should have no problem to follow. For younger kids, they can still enjoy the intriguing pictures even if they don’t quite understand the content.

The six chapters in the app:
The Exhibition: overview of Creatures of Light exhibition
Enchanted Evening: all about fireflies.  All kids will love this chapter.
Light on Land: do you know a luminescent mushroom was first discovered in 1840?
A Sparkling Sea: a single-celled organism flashes on contact turning the water around them into a dazzling fountain of light …
Altered Light: this is about fluorescence – one of the big words that will be hard for younger kids. They do explain fluorescence – some animals absorb one color of light, and emit another color.
The Deep Ocean: how animals there take advantage of bioluminescence (animals make light of their own) to survive.

Here is a video showing the app on YouTube: Creatures of Light.

iGameMom Comments:

Creatures of Light is a great free app. By integrating image, video and sound, it brings the nature wonder of light right in front of you. Kids will learn the facts and why’s of the nature light. Kids under 10 may have hard time to understand the science. However, the interactive pictures and videos are fun for everyone. Young children will enjoy the app even if they don’t fully understand the science.

It only works on iPAD. It is FREE at App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
Creatures of Light - American Museum of Natural History

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  • Jill@TadTown

    Thanks for posting this app. I had somehow missed it, but I know my nature-loving son will enjoy it.

  • Christine

    My son went through a phase of deep sea fish obsession, largely due to seeing the film Fnding Nemo. He will love this! Thanks for the suggestion and thanks so much for stopping by “braving the wilds!”

    • You are welcome, and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you son will like this app.

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