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Free App: Explore and Learn about Nature Animals with Disney Nature

Disneynature Explore

Disneynature Explore is a wonderful free app for kids to explore and learn about the 5 nature animals included in this app. It is a companion app for the Disney Nature movies. There is a dedicated website for all the Disneynature movies. On the website there are many well designed learning materials that you can have for free.

The app has games and learning activities for 5 animals: Brown Bear, Monarch Butterfly, Chimpanzee, African Lion, and Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Each animal has 4 animal behavior games designed to encourage children discover and play with the animals in nature. The images and visuals are simulated, but all are 3D and look very realistic. Explore the nature on tablet with Disney Nature

The activities are designed for kids age 4 to 8. Some are easier than others. But all kids should be able to find something fun to do. For example, for Bears, kids will catch the salmon for the bear, with their fingers; for lion, kids will help the mother lion find the cub, using the device’s camera; for butterfly, kids will find a flower for butterfly to collect nectar; for turtles, they will find food for turtle using their fingers to tab on the little creatures turtles like to eat. After each activity, kids will hear a fun fact about the animal they are learning about. Kids also earn animal pins for finishing each activity.

All activities fully utilize the technology features mobile devices can offer today. For example, with augmented reality, kids are asked to use their iPad/iPhone to find something red through the device camera, once they have something red on the screen, the augmented reality feature kicks in. Kids are asked to continue use the device to find butterflies. The screen even provides hints (an arrow pointing to the direction kids should move to). If kids follow the hints, they will find butterflies.

If you tab on the tool button on the left top corner of the screen, then tab on the little book icon, you will open the Disneynature Journal and Photos. Here kids can see how many animals pins they have collected, and watch short videos about the animals. There are mission challenges kids can take and record their results with photos. Some example mission challenges: take pictures of animal tracks and guess what animals are they from; create a wildlife habitat in the backyard.

App feature highlights:
• Exciting 3D animal animation, sound effects, and player sound recognition
• Target colors and objects in the view of your mobile device to explore your environment
• Photos can be added to your Disneynature Journal, which also includes Disneynature video clips of real animals featured in the app
• Additional photo missions extend your family’s engagement with nature
• The parents’ page includes suggestions for outdoor play
• Virtual Disneynature pins awarded throughout the experience
• Spanish language option

Disneynature Explore is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is FREE on App Store. If you don’t have mobile devices, make sure visit the website Disneynature. There are short videos from the movies, teaching guides for educators, and activity printables, all are free.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Disneynature Explore

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  • Looks like an interesting app. It will be nice if they keep adding animals; I think animal behavior is fascinating!

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