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Free App: Memetales


A while ago I found a Free reading app Memetales.  It offers 15 free books upon registration and every week there will be a new free book for you.  While I went through some of the books, I found out they are all very well made kids books.  Most books are for kids 10 and younger.  I was so impressed with the app and their free offers, I asked Maya Bisineer, the founder and CEO at MeMeTales, give iGameMom’s readers an introduction of Memetales.  Maya worked in the corporate world for many years before making the leap into a tech startup.  From her introduction below, you will be able to tell her strong passion in making an impact at the intersection of education and technology, which happens to be mine too.  Let’s read what Maya tells us about Memetales.

What is Memetales?

MeMeTales gives parents tools to raise smarter kids. We make learning fun for kids. We make parenting exciting and fun for parents. It is a trusted space for parents to get inspiration to raise their kids.  On the website, we offer timely and contextual resources for parents. Our collages are created by community members to share fun ideas and resources with our parent community.

Our first app, MeMeTales Reader is a book library app for kids. It is designed to make reading fun for kids. Kids love it.  The app has been downloaded more than 200K times and has a highly engaged audience of readers, parents and partner publisher community.

How was Memetales started?

My goal with MeMeTales was to create an open platform for creation and sharing of children’s stories. As my own kids started to read and use devices, I got more interested in making an impact on the way kids use technology to learn. My obsession with children’s books combined with my love for technology resulted in MeMeTales. My strong purpose and drive to make an impact definitely comes from my 2 little girls!

How is Memetales different from other book apps?Memetales App

At MeMeTales, our primary focus is to inspire kids to read. While we help kids learn, we also aim to inspire parents to engage with kids and be a part of the learning journey. Parenting can be so exhausting, but we want parents to focus on the happiness that comes from learning together. We also want to make sure that the online and offline worlds can be connected via continuous experiences. That is why we always share offline activities, book lists and more. We don’t want apps to be the only thing in your life!

We hear from parents and kids everyday that our books, our resources and community continue to inspire them to read. That is really what keeps me going day after day. We have a facebook page and we post a book recommendation there every day. We also share pictures with a #readeveryday hashtag – on Instagram, facebook as well as twitter. The pictures come from the community and it is just one of the ways we remind parents to read with their kids every single day. We also have collages on our website. Parents LOVE the resource rich collages.

What would you like to achieve with Memetales?

As a parent and technologist, I want to use technology to help kids learn and help parents make right choices. There are times when using an app makes a lot of sense – like during travel, learning languages, learning to read and more, but kids do need to go out and play. They need the fresh air and real experiences. That is why I strongly believe that in today’s world, being a responsible tech company means inserting ourselves meaningfully in the lives of families. That is why we have kids read online and then we ask them to go and paint in the backyard. Kids need every kind of experience. MeMeTales is a connected world of learning – online and offline. We always want to be a part of your fun and rich day!

Very well said, Maya!  I really share Maya’s passion on bringing technology into children’s learning experience.  This is why iGameMom is here.  I also totally agree that advocating technology doesn’t mean we want kids stay in technology all the time.  Kids need balanced holistic learning expeirence.  After reading Maya’s introduction, I like Memetales more! 

Memetales is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  It is also available for Kindle on Amazon and other Android devices on Google Play.  It is FREE to download with free books for kids to read all the time. 
If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.

For Android users: MeMeTales for Kindles on Amazon and other Android devices on Google Play.

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  • Jacob Johns

    I love this app! I am the director of education at a daycare/preschool. I will be using this app everyday!!!

    • This is a perfect app for preschool! Have you check other preschool apps? Here is the preschool app page. Once you get to the bottom of the page, click on “previous entries”, you will see more apps for preschool – we have reviewed tons of them.

  • L. Marie

    Sounds like a wonderful app!

  • Thank you so much for featuring us here! Creating apps and making an impact on education is a hard hard job. Appreciate you letting us share our passion and views 🙂

    • Maya, you’ve a great job! On behalf of the kids, thanks for all you do to make the books available for them.

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