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Free App: Wonderful Preschool Learning App – Leo’s Pad Appisode 5

Leo’s Pad Preschool Kids Learning Series

Leo’s Pad just launched its 5th appisode, and now all appisodes are free.  We have reviewed Leo’s Pad previous appisodes. It is a preschool learning app series designed by Stanford University researchers and Emmy award-winning animators. We liked how the learning activities are seamlessly woven in the storylines in all Leo’s Pad appisodes. Appisode 5 is again filled with fun and engaging learning activities.

The title for appisode five is The Wishing Fish.  Leo and friends are joined by Fusch, a character inspired by Confucius, preparing for a journey to find a magical Koi fish that grants wishes. Fusch guides each player through a series of six adaptive games that work on developmentally appropriate early learning skills including: cognitive flexibility, self-help skills, phonemic awareness, perspective taking, and problem solving. preschool learning shows on iPAD - integrated interactive learning activities

Cognitive flexibility — In the first game, kids will help the fireworks display.  They must top on the required shapes and colors to create a firework. From early learning perspective, it is a task-switching game, means children follow a rule and then bend their mind to a new rule soon after.

Self-help skills — In the 2nd game, kids help Leo’s pet dragon Cinder get ready for bed. Children will help Cinder through a sequence of before bed activities, such as washing face, brushing teeth, turning off lights. Kids learn physical routines in this game.

Phonemic awareness — Fusch and friends visit the library, and kids will help them find the book with a koi fish story by identifying the starting sound of the book titles.

Perspective taking — In game four, kids are invited to choose an items they’d wish for and create a picture of their wish. They will also learn to think about others by anticipating what Cinder would wish for.

Problem solving — In games 5 and 6, kids will build a staircase and a ladder to help Leo and Fusch reach the top of a log and then come back down. These are great exercise for problem-solving skill.

Like previous appisodes, Leo’s Pad delivers engaging learning activities for preschool kids. As parents, I love the Parents’ Pad, where parents can learn their children’s status with detailed progress reports. With such high quality content and design, all Leo’s Pad appisodes are free at this time.  If you have an iPAD and toddler or preschooler at home, this is a must have app series.  Highly recommend.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Leo's PAD

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