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Free Apps: 3 Free Creative Apps for Kids from Lazoo

Lazoo Zoo

Today I have three wonderful free creative apps for kids to share. They are among the best free apps I have seen – very creative and all can be played by young kids without instruction and help. They are great for road trips and family gatherings. Kids can play by themselves, or play together as a group. All three apps are from Lazoo.

Three FREE Creative Apps for Young Kids

Lazoo Zoo:

Kids feed the animals with different food and watch the animals’ reactions: the ape will throw away the food he doesn’t like to some other animals, and will grow funny hair on his head when he is full; the chameleon will change its color to match the food he just ate; the giraffes will change the color of the spots on their body; the lion will tell you what he wants to eat by giving you a hint on the ground, and will take a quick nap when he is had enough food.

It is an easy play that even young kids can play without instructions.  But there are many expected reaction from the animals make it fun. It is a good game to help kids learn to pay attention to others. While playing together, you can help kids develop language skills by trying to describe what the animals are doing to kids, and asking your child to describe the reactions to you or someone else.

3 free creative apps for young childrenLazoo Squiggles

It is a unique drawing app that will amaze your child by bringing their squiggles to life in a unique way.  There are 14 drawing pages where kids can add their squiggles on: adding squiggles to cars and the cars will start moving; drawing squiggles as cloud will bring the rain to the flowers; drawing squiggles as cotton candy to take the kids to the sky.

Kids have different colors to choose. They also have stamps to use.  If they want to, they can pick a blank page to draw whatever they want and see it come to life with fun music.

Let’s Color

It is coloring app, but a very different coloring app.  Adding colorful water along the hose, then press go, kids will be amazed seeing all the colorful “water” coming out of the hose; coloring the drinks in the cup and through the drinking straw, kids will see those colorful pieces being sucked into the mouths through the long winding straw; drawing some circles in different colors as bubbles, kids will watch how they are blown into the air.

What is great about these free apps is the design creativity. There are always surprises, and there is always some unexpected fun.  Highly entertaining and unique, Lazzo free apps will bring a lot giggles and joys to your family.

All three apps works on iPAD, Lazoo Zoo also works on iPhone and iPod. All three are free.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.

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