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Free Learning Website for Kids – mocomi


I recently find a great learning website for kids with tons of fun educational contents: books, games, videos, jokes, … It is so fun, even for me!  It is called mocomi. Since we are posting on iGameMom, you know it functions well on mobile devices like iPad and iPhone. It is based in India, so it is also a great place to take a peak on India culture. However, most content is not region or cultural specific, especially those on math and science. Free learning website for kids - math language science history geography and more

When you get to the website, you will see the Mocomag at the top, which is an interactive digital magazine for kids. There is a new issue every two weeks, the content covers a wide range of topics: food, technology, science, history. The most recent issue is about India to celebrate a big India holiday.

Below the magazine is the video section. Again a wide range of topics can be found here. The current one on the screen is “How to measure a ship’s weight”. Some other topics are: How do Birds Sit Safely on Power Line? What is a Tsunami? How to Draw a Dinosaur? All videos are couple minutes long, great for kids’ short attention span.

Below the videos, you will find activities for fun and for learning. Kids will love those outdoor and indoor game ideas. The learning activities have topics on English, Environment, Geography, Math, Science, Art, Cultural, and more.

Below the activities, you will see a slide show teaching how to make leave print art, Jokes, Fun Facts, Quiz Corner, …

You can also navigate the site through the menu at the top: Home, Fun, Learn, MOCOMAG.

There are so many fun contents on the site, I am still in the exploration stage. But I really like what I see and find videos and articles on topics I have not seen at other places.

It  seems is mostly for school age kids, but there are definitely enough content for younger kids too. Make sure to pay a visit: mocomi.com. I am sure you will like it.

Looking for learning website for younger kids? Visit Free: Starfall reading program for kids. We focused on their reading program when we wrote the review, but the site has more than reading. Take a look. Access Starfall from iPAD Free

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  • Sue

    I am trying to look at the momci magazine that you are talking about today. It is not listed as an app on I tunes. What is the name of it?

    • Sue, it is not an app, it is a website, but it functions well on mobile devices. Just go to mocomi.com, you will see it.

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