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Free: Starfall Reading Program Available on iPAD


Have you used Starfall? If you have a preschool to kindergarten kids, you should really check it out.  It is a great website with tons of free reading materials and printables for kids in preschool and kindergarten age. When my son was that age, he liked it a lot.  I have not been recommending it here, because it uses flash, and flash doesn’t function on iPAD and iPhone.  Now I find a solution to access a website with flash via a free app called Rover.

Rover is a FREE app. It is a web browser enabling Flash contents. The nice thing about using Rover is it also filters out inappropriate content, such as ad on the website.  It is very safe for kids to use.  Once you are in Rover, you can type in starfall.com in the address box, just like any other web browser.  Now you can get all the videos and sounds just like you are on your computer.

In Starfall, there are 4 stages of interactive learning materials:Access Starfall from iPAD Free

ABCs: it is all about letters.

Learn to Read: focus on phonics

It’s Fun to Read: are short story books

I’m Reading: are also short books, expanding to nonfictions, comics, etc.

Most contents are free. There are some requires membership, but the free content is a lot, you should be able to stay with the free content for quite a while before you have to decide if you need a membership or not.

If you go to bottom of the homepage, you will see Download Center.  From there, you will find a lot free printables for learning activities.  I loved those printables when my son was young.  It doesn’t seem that you can download the PDFs from your iPAD, but once you download them from your computer, you can transfer them onto your iPAD, and have your kids use the PDF files on iPAD directly – no need to print out hard copies.  For direction, read How to write on PDF files on iPAD.

Starfall also has apps, which are not free, and I think they are not worth the money, especially when the same content is offered on their website for free.  Now you can access the functioning website with Rover, there is no need to buy the app anymore.

To access Starfall on your iPAD for free, simply visit the website via Rover.  Rover is a Free app on App Store, and the download link is offered below.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.

Starfall has stopped the partnership with Rover. You can’t access Starfall on Rover anymore. To access Starfall on your Apple device, please visit Free App Bringing Starfall website on iPad and iPhone. There are still good learning website on Rover, so don’t give up Rover, do check it out. Starfall early learning website now on mobile devices

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  • Rated by othersin Itunes in 2014 as not working.

  • Starfall is not coming up on my Rover browser. What am I doing wrong?


  • Mix

    I second esivy on that…We have used Starfall since my son was itty bitty. He knew all his letters (uppercase and lowercase) by 18 months. He knew all the letter sounds by 24 mos. (we could ask him ‘what does the a say?’ and he could tell us). He could sound out words at 2.5. He has been reading now since he was 3. He can get through the long Dr. Suess books (56+pages) with no problem. He sounds words out that he doesn’t know. I LOVE Starfall…and so does he! We are android users, but are actually considering purchasing an iPad just because he can get Starfall on it!

    • Wow, you have a smart boy! Keep up the great job! I do like iPad since there are more apps available.

  • Starfall is great! All my kids have used it and our youngest learned out to read before she was four from playing with Starfall.

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