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Giveaway – Gus on the Go (Spanish)

Gus On The Go

This week’s giveaway is Gus on the Go (Spanish).  It is a very cute app teaching Spanish to young kids.  Although it is designed for toddlers and kindergarteners, older kids or even adults will also enjoy learning Spanish with this app.  Please see iGameMom’s review here.

To win the app, please enter via the Rafflecopter below.  All iGameMom Facebook fans get free entries.  The Giveaway will end on Aug.24.  The winner will be announced on Aug.25.  The winner’s name will appear on Rafflecopter.  I will also update this giveaway post with the winner’s name.

Good luck!   — The Winner is Keri B., an iGameMom Facebook fan!

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Gus on the Go Giveaway at iGameMom

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  • Sugi

    My child started 2nd language at school when he was in 2nd grade. I wish it was earlier.

    • Seems most parents would like kids to start a 2nd language earlier than school age. While this app is a perfect tool for this!

  • My Child started learning a 2nd language when he was less than 1 years old, if you count sign language.

    • From what I learned, sign language is very helpful for babies to communicate with others, before they can talk. Good for you!

  • My child started learning a 2nd language when he started talking! We tried to tell him Spanish words for common items in the house, and Dora and Diego certainly help too! 🙂

    • Good for you! I too find the good kids shows help little ones stay interested in the learning.

  • Trav

    My child started Spanish when he was in first grade.

  • BC

    my child started learning 2nd language when he was a baby, but we did not stick to it. He can speak a little bit, not much.

    • Interesting. I have a friend who started learning Chinese when he was little, but stopped after he started regular school. It is a lot work to keep up with a 2nd language.

  • Arwen Buchholz

    I really want to win this app!!! 🙂

    • Arwen, Thanks for your comment! 🙂 It is nice to know people are interested in the app. To be eligible for the entry points, please leave comments with “My kid started learning 2nd language at ___ years old”. If your child did not start yet, simply put “he/she has not started yet”. Good luck!

  • My child started learning a 2nd language when she was a baby. It was sign language. We haven’t really stayed up on it once she really started to communicate verbally. Now we would like to learn Spanish.

    • I knew quite few parents teaching baby sign language. Seems it helps baby connect with people better, thus less tantrum. Did you see the same effect?

      • Yes! We really were excited about how early she could start communicating with sign language and would highly recommend it!

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