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Giveaway: Netflix One Year Subscription

Holidays are always a good time to catch up on good movies. To celebrate the holidays, we are giving away a one-year Netflix subscription, valued at $96.

We have been using Netflix since they started Kids Movie section. We like the variety of movie and TV show selections. We also like that there is no ad anywhere during your watching time. The capability of keeping each individual’s profile is very helpful, so each member of the family can keep a separate watch list.

You can watch movies on Netflix on almost all types of devices: computers, iPad and iPhone, Android devices, TV screen via Apple TV. All you need is the Netflix free app.
Netflix 1-Year Subscription Giveaway

If you don’t want to wait till the giveaway ends, you can sign up your Netflix membership right away. You can have one month free subscription before you have to pay.

For movies ideas for kids, please visit our Good Educational Movies for Kids page. You will find tips on how to teach with movies, movie suggestions on different topics, and resources for free movies.

To be entered to the giveaway, please leave a comment on Educational Movies for Kids, telling us what movies will you be watching with kids if you win the prize. Please do so before Dec.31.

Good Luck!

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    We like to watch survival shows with the kids , Man Vs Wild, Dual Survivor, Survivorman etc. We feel they are helpful in showing our kids how to be able to take care of themselves in bad situations.

  • Kathryn C

    would love to watch family musical movies, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Sound of Music

  • The kids and I would love to watch “The Bells of St. Mary’s” together again.

  • shirley

    We would watch The Magic School Bus and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

  • We begin homeschooling this year, so we would use it to watch educational shows like the magic school bus and any type of documentary!

  • Tina

    We would watch cartoons like Hey Arnold and Rugrats.

  • Donna Cheatle

    The Magic School bus is great! Love Veggie Tales too

  • Tina W

    Oh, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I loved that movie!

  • kittyfrog

    I would like to see the Lorax

  • I’m a huge fan of Netflix! My nephew and I find a lot of good movies on Netflix. We like to watch Paranorman, and I would like to seehttp://sweetcaptcha.s3.amazonaws.com/widget/v2/upload/answer_141.png the Lorax for the first time.

  • kathy dalton

    i want to see God is not dead

  • Michael Jones

    My 7 yr old loves magic school bus, and wild kratts. Actually most of the PBS programming. She also watches anything about animals.

  • James Robert

    My daughter would like the Babysitters Club

  • mechele johnson

    Definitely Magic School Bus and Super Why! My kids love those and my parents are friends with the creators of Magic School Bus so they especially love that.

  • Sunnie

    PBS is great! WE like a lot of their shows, The Magic School Bus is a great one!

  • Allison S.

    My nephew likes curious George.

  • I watch VeggieTales, Square Bob, Sesame Street, and Frozen (a lot) with my niece.

  • Nancy

    We would watch Veggie Tales and Curious George.

  • We use Netflix all the time (we don’t subscribe to a cable or satellite service). My kids love Curious George, as well as the full-length Bob the Builder and the one episode of Micky Mouse Clubhouse that is on Netflix. My husband and I also use Netflix for finding great movies for at-home date nights, and we’re currently working our way through the whole series of The West Wing.

  • Cheryl b.

    We will be watching Super Wy and the Magic School Bus. We also like the Leap frog videos.

  • Thomas Murphy

    We would watch the magic school bus.

  • Deanna Middendorf

    We would LOVE to watch The Magic School Bus!

  • Laura Ari

    I would watch all the children’s holiday movies with my kids.

  • LAMusing

    We love family movies that feature animals!

  • shaunie

    We would love to watch Phineas and Ferb

  • Nichole

    If I won, I would let my kids watch age appropriate programming. My daughter loves Bubble Guppies! Thank you!

  • Teresa C.

    If we win we’ll be watching a wide variety of movies. Especially musicals.

  • I would love to have my kids watch the “old” 80’s movies i loved as a kid. Net flix would be a great way to do that.

  • megan tilley

    We watch veggies tales and dinosaur train!

  • Christina Anne

    I’d watch Magic School bus movies with my nephews:)

  • Nina

    Definitely hunkering down and watching all the Disney movies!

  • heather way

    We love watching nature documentaries together

  • Jessibeth Vicenty

    We watch a lot of Disney Movies and the magic school bus!

  • Jenny Ham

    Free documentary Movies for Kids from Docurama

  • Corey Olomon

    My son loves the Magic School Bus.


    we’d watch a lot of family movies it’s so cold in the winter we tent to do movie nights on the weekends

  • fancygrlnancy (Nancy Partin)

    My youngest loves Micky Mouse and my oldest loves the Spy Kids movies.

  • Love the national geographic bits on netflix!

  • stephanie mcfarland

    we have been doing a lot of Barny movie watching on netflix

  • Denise Taylor-Dennis

    Thanks for the giveaway I commented.

  • Lori Taube

    My kids really love watching Myth Busters! Great for science experiments and imagination!

  • Dawn Monroe

    My grandkids like to watch Super Why and Dinosaur train.

  • Maureen

    We would be watching the original Annie and The Magic School Bus series!

  • Sarah L

    Sleepless in Seattle would be fun to watch.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • Amanda Baker

    I absolutely LOVE Netflix! There are so many options of great family shows and movies to watch with my daughter and of course plenty of great things to watch after she goes to bed. Thank you so much for posting this!!

  • Elicia P

    Netflix is nice. I love that I can set a account just for the kids and pick and chose what they watch. LeapFrog is a super favorite here!
    I also love that a lot of the PBS Kids shows are on Netflix.

  • Stacy F.

    I LOVE netflix for children for two main reasons, you can filter the age grade allowed and NO commercials ! It makes the kids want more needless stuff! I like to have my daughter watch things I grew up with, like the Magic School Bus or early animated Disney movies, Pocahontas! 😛

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I agree that there is so much kids can learn from good movies.

  • Katy M

    We love The Magic School Bus here at our house! My husband is a science teacher and he even loves Magic School Bus movies and books!

  • Austin Baroudi

    I’d love to watch Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return with my daughter! Thanks so much of the chance!

  • Joanne S

    Whatever my grandkids want! LOL Well within reason

  • Nancy Loring

    Looking at some of the movies that Netflix has brings back a lot of memories Escape to witch mountain was the first movie that I ever saw. It was my mom’s favorite. I would love to watch it with my daughter.

  • Rachel

    I love The Magic School Bus and we watch anything Barbie.

  • Wassi Chamsy Homeschooling

    If I win we will watch kids movies, movies that will teach us something. Thanks.

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