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How to Get Refund from App Store?

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Many people don’t know that you can actually get a refund from App Store.  I recently just had one.  This post shares how to get refund from App Store.

Why do you want a refund from App Store? In my case, I bought a wrong app.  There are so many apps with similar or even the same titles.  It is very possible that you want to buy an app, but end up getting a different one.  I have also heard a lot stories that kids bought apps via the 1-click ordering system, not even knowing they bought the apps till parents receive bills.  Fortunately, Apple has added many child-proof features, now accidences mentioned above can be prevented by some simple child-proof set ups.  For instructions, visit How to Child-Proof iPAD and iPhone.

How to get refund from App Store

No matter what is the case, remember App store sales policy clearly states that you cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase, although they do make exceptions if you have convincing reasons.

1. Open iTune on your computer, sign in with your App store user name and password

How to get refund from App Store Step1
2. Click on the button with your account name on it.  It is on the top-left corner of the screen.  Click on View Account on the drop down menu.

3. This will open a window with all your account information.  Scroll down a little, you will see Purchase History, click View All to the right of Purchase History.

How to get refund from App Store Step3

4. In Purchase History, find the title you want a refund, click on the title.  You now open up a new window of purchase information for that title.  Under the title, click Report a Problem.

How to get refund from App Store Step4

5. Within the Report Problem window, click the Problem drop-down menu and choose an option that best describes your reason for refund.  Write more in the Comments area if necessary (I highly recommend you explain the reason in detail here), then click on Submit.

How to get refund from App Store Step5

6. Wait for Apple response.  In my case, I received acknowledge email within an hour, and get my refund in 24 hours.

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