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How to Help Your Child Be a Better Reader?

Book Love

I have been following Melissa Taylor’s ImaginationSoup for a long time.  She has tons of creative ideas in getting kids to read.  Now she condensed all her experience and knowledge on helping kids read into this wonderful book Book Love: Help Your Child Grow from Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader.  It is a Kindle book, but you don’t need Kindle device to read Kindle books.  You can read Kindle book on almost any device: iPhone, iPAD, Android phone and tablets, or a computer.  For instructions on how to read Kindle books without a Kindle device, please visit an earlier post.

This is not a book for kids, this is a book for parents or any adults who want to help children to read more.  Although it is written for parents of reluctant readers, any parents can find some helpful information in the book.  My son loves books, and reads a lot.  Still I found a lot good tips on helping kids be better readers.Book Love

It is a short book.  You can finish it in 30 minutes, perfect for busy parents.  However, it is packed with unique insights and actionable tips. Do you know when a child say “book is boring”, he may not really mean book is boring? Have you ever thought about checking your child’s vision before forcing him read more?  In Book Love, Melissa shares 4 reasons why kids say “book is boring”, and offers solutions based on kids age. You can find recommended book titles (with direct links) organized by genre and subject.  You will also find pages of suggestions on fun home reading activities.

If you are looking for ideas to help your child read more, look no further.  Book Love is the one you need, and you want to get it now.  Because if you buy the book before November 18 (include Nov.18), you will not only get the book at the sale price ($3.97, which is about half of the full price), but you will receive 2 bonus gifts and entry in a 9 prize sweepstakes.  All are from imaginationsoup.  Check this out HERE.

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If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the book icon provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! 

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  • PanyaRoute

    Sooo nice that you found me, so now I can look at your blog. Fantastic, how tos. I have been worried how I will teach my daughter how to read…now I know how to start. Thanks! welcome back to anytime

    • I highly recommend the book. Looks like it is still at half-price, a good time to get it.

  • How did I not know, number one, about this great writer…..
    And number two,
    How did I not know, that I should be telling everyone my kindle book can be read on any device? That means my audio book can also……!
    Wow! I Am so glad that I read this post!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Ha, it is never too late! It took me over two years to realize I can read Kindle book on my iPAD – all this time, the Kindle app has been sitting on my iPAD. So, you are not along. That is why I wrote a post about it.

  • Another extremely helpful recommendation. thank you!

  • A life without the love of reading would be so empty. Great information to pass along.

  • Reading saves lives – the inward lives of children AND adults. I’m convinced of it. I read to my 2 year old grandbabies as soon as I walk through their door.

    Start them young, and they will enjoy the rest of their lives.

  • My grand kids love to read, but sadly my children, not so much :(. I wonder if there’s still hope! I’m amazed at how many of the younger generation do not read (except texts of course). Thanks for the helpful information.

    • I have a friend, Angela, in her late 30’s that has always said she “hates” to read. For years I would recommend book after book and she just refused. I bought the Earth Children series for her teenage daughter to read this summer. One night, entirely bored, she picked up one of those books and was hooked. She finished three of them in as many weeks; pretty good for someone who hated to read. Since then she’s read four more books and is waiting for recommendations for more. I couldn’t be more thrilled that my friend has finally experienced the joy of reading a good book. There’s still hope for your children! 🙂

      • This is such a good story. My youngest could sound out words, but found reading so boring, up to about age 7. I was depressed because I found so much in reading. The she discovered Harry Potter–that was it. She hasn’t stopped since. Now I have to stop her from reading so that she gets other things done. Sometimes, kids just have to find the right book.

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