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How to Remotely Control Your Computer on iPAD/iPhone?

LogMeIn App

Do you like to take your laptop with you when you travel?  Now, if you have a smart phone, be it an iPhone or an Android phone, or if you have a tablet, such as an iPAD, you don’t have to take your laptop with you anymore.  Use LogMeIn, you can remotely access your home and work computers and work on the computer like you are sitting right in front of it.   It is FREE.

The introduction from App Store is very clear on how it works:

To Get Started:
1. Download the free LogMeIn App and create your account.LogMeIn App
2. Log in at LogMeIn.com from the computer you want to access.
3. Install the LogMeIn software on as many PCs or Macs as you want to access.
Now you’re ready to access your computers from anywhere with LogMeIn!

Remote control features include:
• Intuitive and flexible control modes
• Multi-monitor support
• Support use of special key combinations
• Start a sleeping computer with Wake-On-LAN

Additional LogMeIn Pro features (upgrade from the free version via In-App Purchase):
• HD video and sound streaming for seamless remote control from any device or Pro enabled computer
• My Cloud Bank integration that links your LogMeIn app with popular cloud services
• File Manager for transferring files and folders between computers and saving them to your device
• Remote printing to any AirPrint compatible printer
• Photo App Management for accessing and transferring photos from/to your iPad or iPhone photo library

I used LogMeIn for our spring break getaway.  It worked pretty well.  One thing took some adjustment was the typing.  Some of the features that come with iPhone/iPAD don’t work when you are using the app.  For example, you don’t get a period by double tapping the space key.

Upon starting the app, you can see a handy list of on-screen gestures: double-taps are double-clicks, two-finger taps are right clicks, double-tap and slide to drag items, swipe three finger up to show the keyboard, etc.  I found it a lot easier to remember one or two gestures at a time.  But all the gestures are fairly intuitive.  I did some post updates on free app alerts while we were waiting at the airport.  By the time we arrived our hotel lobby, I was quite efficient at the basic tasks.

iGameMom Comments:

No matter how organized you are, it is always possible you forget one piece of information and it is only on your home/work computer.  With LogMeIn, you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything, as you know you can always get to your computer no matter where you are.

Since iPhone/iPAD doesn’t have flash, and quite few websites use flash, having access to a computer makes it possible to see the flash videos on your iPhone or iPAD.

Another nice feature, although I don’t use, is it allows one registered user to have access to more than one computer from multiple mobile devices.

To use the app, you do need leave your home/work computer on.  It is ok if it goes to sleep, the app can wake your computer up.

LogMeIn is a FREE app, with options to upgrade to Pro Version via In-App Purchase.  The cost for the Pro version:  annual ($39.99), 6 month ($29.99) or 3 month ($19.99).  It works on iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  Now it is running a promotion of 30% off.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
LogMeIn - LogMeIn, Inc.
It also has Android & Kindle version.  However, there is only a paid version for Android.  It is called LogMeIn Ignition.  It is $29.99.  If you are interested, you can download Here.

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  • Jae

    Thanks for sharing! Very helpful!

  • Such good resources you are sharing! thanks…also for coming by and the “like”.

  • Glad to read this. This is the first year that I have a laptop and I dread the day I have to carry it with me on the plane. Too much hassle. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!

  • Becky

    So glad you told us about this! Thanks for the post!

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