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Kindergarten Ready Activities and Free Assess Chart

Mom’s Library

It is time for Mom’s Library! Are you working with your kids to make sure he/she is kindergarten ready? Today I am featuring kindergarten ready learning activities and materials.

Talking about kindergarten ready, it is helpful to know first if your child is ready, if not, what skills are needed. This Free Readiness Evaluation sheet will be a great tool to use.

More than we can realize, many preschool learning activities can be based on simple materials that we can find at home. Here are several cool learning ideas just use materials you can easily find at home:

color matching with household objects

8 preschool math ideas using toy vehicles

fine motor skills with cheerios.

You will get more inspiration on using household objects for learning, including food the kids are eating, from these learning activities for Letter K.

easy home activities for kindergarten readiness - plus free kindergarten readiness assess chart
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For more learning activity ideas at home, visit our Creative learning activities series. We have creative Science activities, creative Alphabet activities, creative Sight Word activities, and more.

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  • Becky

    Would like to have a copy

  • Alexia

    Would love a copy of the egeography set! What a great reference.

    • It does looks like a set the learning materials with a lot information.

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