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Learn History with Britannica Kids Ancient Rome

Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome

Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome is such a great app for upper elementary and middle school kids.  It has rich content yet all at the appropriate age level, no matter it is the length of each article or the vocabulary choices.  The games are fun and are tied very well with the main contents.  As an app full of historical facts, it is surprisingly engaging.

When kids open the app, they will be at the articles section.  At the bottom of the screen they will see the tip of a small spin wheel with a button on the top.  Tap the button, the whole spin wheel will appear, and kids can choose the section they want to visit by turning the wheel.

There are 10 sections in the app:

Articles: includes 7 titles – The rise of Rome, The Roman Republic, The Caesars, The Roman Empire, Gladiators, Art and Architecture, and Roman Mythology.  Each title is about one to one and half page long.  Some key words were highlighted.  If tapped, the definition of the word will pop up.

Roman Gods A-Z: features 13 different Roman Gods: Apollo, Ceres, Diana, Juno, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Minerva, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Vesta, and Vulcan.  There is a picture and short half-page introduction of each god.

Map: Kids can see where the ancient Roman structures are located.  They can zoom the map and see the pictures of the structures.  Some structures included in the map: Pompeii, Herculaneum, El Djem, Pont Du Gard.Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome

Pictures and videos: here kids can see all the pictures and videos used in Articles, Roman Gods, and Map.

The rest sections are games based on the images: Jigsaw puzzles, Magic Square, Brush Off, Memory Match.

Finally, the Quiz section.  Each time, kids receive 10 multiple choice questions based on the contents.

There is a Shop section showing all the apps from Britannica kids.  So far, they have 9 apps, with more to come.  As long as you have child-proof your iPAD/iPhone following iGameMom’s instruction, you should not worry too much about it.  With the right set up, kids have to ask you before they buy any apps.

iGameMom Comments:

I am really surprised at how engaging this app is.  As an app, it still has the Encyclopedia style, which sometimes can be very dry and boring, but not the case for this one.  Both my son and I myself have enjoyed reading the app and playing the games.  We both learned something about Ancient Rome.

Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  It is $4.99 on App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome - Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc

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  • jeena


  • my son would love this

    • Great book app. With all the multimedia contents, it is better than a paper print book, in my opinion.

  • Bobbie Keith

    I don’t know where to leave a comment, so this will have to do. Ha! You have been so sweet to read my blog. Thanks. I am still a bit in the dark ages when it comes to technology, but I am learning…at a snail pace, but I am getting there. Ha!!

    I love educational games. As soon as I get an I-pad, I’ll definitely be checking into some fun apps, as soon as I can get my hubby to teach me how it works.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  • Awesome! I look forward to checking it out! Thanks!

  • This app sounds great. I’ve wanted my boys to share my passion for ancient history, and this sounds like an ideal way to bring it to them on their iPhones! thanks for that.

    • It is such a well designed app – great content with great quality. I am sure your boys will love it.

  • This sounds great. Ditto re: Rick Riordan books – Greek Gods. Kids love em!

  • Cool, we’re obsessed with The Heroes of Olympus series here, this would fit in beautifully! I think the maps are a big selling point for me.

    • I like the map too. It helps the kids get a visual comprehension of how big the Ancient Rome was.

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