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Learn Letters with Lola Panda

Lola’s ABC Party

We have reviewed a couple Lola Panda apps, such as Lola’s Math Train,  and Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku.  I am glad to see a new Lola Panda’s app coming out – Lola’s ABC Party.  Like other Lola Panda apps, this is a bright and engaging learning app for kids 3-6.  It begins with simple word recognition, and graduates to more challenging tasks when the child is ready. Great and fun reading practice for preschoolers!

When kids start the app, they are welcomed by Lola Panda and are invited to help setting up the party.  There are 4 tasks (games): fill the balloons, put out ice cream, make party hats, and make birthday cake.  Before each game, kids are asked to learn some letters.  Lola will ask 4-5 letter related questions, such as: Pick a letter based on the sound; trace a letter; play a letter memory game, pick the starting letter of a word, or fill in the missing letter of Lola's ABC Party Appa word.  While kids answering the questions, there is a rewarding chart shown at the bottom giving kids the sense of progress and how much more questions they have to answer before they can get to party.

Once kids finish 4 sets of letter learning games – one set before each party preparation activity, they can go to the party, see everything they helped to set up, and celebrate birthday with Lola and her friend.

Key Features of the game: 
◦ Educational game: Teaching the alphabet and word building to children ages 3-6
◦ Meaningful learning: Upper and lower case letters, word recognition and construction
◦ Customized to the child’s learning pace
◦ Voice Over feature: Spoken and easy to understand instructions
◦ Child friendly usage experience: No in-app purchases or third party advertising

iGameMom Comments:
I like the setup of the app – build the learning into celebration.  The length of each game is just right for toddler’s attention span.  Accompanied with bright color, Lola’s pleasant voice, and the fun rewards at each stage of the game, it will be a fun learning app the little ones want to play.

Loal’s ABC Party is available for iPhone, iPod, iPAD, and Android.  It is $1.99 at introductory price on App Store and Google Play.  There is a free version for iOS for people to try out.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Full version Lola's ABC Party FREE version Lola's ABC Party Free

For Android users, you can find Lola’s ABC Party on Google Play.

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