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Learn Phonics with Phonics Munch

Phonics Munch

AHhhhh! This is my kind of App. I love a good leveling educational app with a printable worksheet component that meets Common Core Standards. Nothing in life makes me happier. The Phonics Munch App gets your little one on the path to early reading with a cute story about Chomper the Bear who eats letters, consonant and vowel sounds and rhyming words…and he is just SO cute.

The program reinforces what it teaches by using several different methods to create a very well rounded experience for your child.

Here’s what the App contains:

  • 2 Videos with songs that introduce uppercase and lowercase letters along with the sounds they make.
  • 4 sets of digital flashcards: two sets are simply upper and lowercase letters. The other two sets are upper and lowercase letters with their corresponding sounds.
  • 4 sets of games that address: Beginning Sounds; Rhyming Sounds; Add A Letter Sounds; Vowel Sounds

Each one of these sets contains 6 locked levels that cannot be accessed until the previous levels are Phonics Munch Appcomplete. The format for all these games is the same. Your child sees a simple word with a corresponding picture. They are asked to either find the missing consonant, vowel or matching rhyming word from 3 choices listed at the bottom of the screen. If they feed the right answer to Chomper he CHOMPS them up! When all ten questions are answered correctly, they can move on to the next level.

  • 5 sets of printable worksheets reviewing all the same skills addressed in the above games and the Common Core Standards they address.
  • 1 set of printable Flashcards with upper and lowercase letters and a picture of an object that starts with the corresponding letter.

For the sake of continuity the graphics are the same throughout the entire platform which gives your child the added bonus of visual reinforcement.

To print the worksheets, you can go to Phonics Munch website.  You can have kids work on those PDF printable work sheets directly on iPAD.  For instructions visit How to Read and Write on PDF or Image Files on iPAD.

So what else can I say? We just love it.  It is chock full of educational fun great for travel or rainy day/summer break activity for a preschooler or kindergartener.  Just keep your eye on your little one while they use it, little Chomper says, ‘I don’t like dat’ when you give him the wrong answer and it makes my son giggle so hard he would start to give Chomper the wrong answer on purpose.  So cute!

Phonics Munch is available for iPhone, iPod, iPAD.  It is also available for Android and Nook.  It is usually $0.99 on App Store, and it is now FREE for limited time.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Phonics Munch

Android users can find Phonics Munch on Amazon or Phonics Munch on Google Play.

Nook users can find Phonics Munch on Barnes and Noble.

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Elizabeth WolfToday’s app is reviewed by Elizabeth. Elizabeth blogs about parenting, culture and travel at LeMaisonLoup.com.  You can also find her on Twitter @WolfBetty

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