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Learn Sight Words with Fun Games

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Sight word recognition is an important stage for kids’ literacy development. Sight words, like is, of, you, make up 50% of texts.  If kids can read and understand sight words, they are well on their way to being fluent readers. Although sight words are used frequently. they usually cannot be easily sounded out. Most times, kids learn sight words by simply memorize them, some with the help of flashcards. Today we have an app that makes learning sight words more fun that memorizing words on flashcards.
Fun Sight Words Games for KidsThe Sight Word Adventure is a new app from Seven Academy. The app helps kids learn sight words by playing fun games. Kids will play their favorite games like Hide and seek, Bingo, Word Matching while learning to recognize the sight words. There are 7 games in the app. Through careful design, the games address all aspects of sight word learning: visual attention, morphology, active listening, and visual memorization.

The 7 Games in the app:

Hide and Seek: kids play hide and seek with kangaroo in the forest and see new sight words.
Pop the Balloon: kids pop the balloon with the correct sight word on it.
Memory Match: Find the pair of cards with the same words.
Whack A Mole: Kids watch for moles coming out of ground and whack the ones who don’t have the right words.
Bingo: Put the word dropped from the Bingo tube on the card with the matching word. Kids win if they have three cards in a row.
Bear’s Maze: Kids guide the bear through the maze to collect cherries with the asked words.
Letter Scramble: scramble the letters to form a word. It is the early stage of spelling and writing.

Repetition is the essence of learning sight words. With these different games addressing memorizing words from different angles, the learning is not repetitive any more. It, instead, becomes a fun play that kids will want to do more.

There are 320 sight words in the app. The words are selected based on Dolch’s and Fry’s compilations. All words are spread out into 5 levels that are good for kids from preschool to early elementary school.

The app can track kids progress, so parents and teachers can see where the children are. To access the parent section, tap on the parent button on the top left corner. Inside the parent section, parents can see the child’s level, and the progress on each level. Tap on the level the child is on, parents will be able to see the word list in that level, and the words the child already know and the words the kid still need work on. Parents can also choose the words that they want the child to practice more. To do that, simply check the words under the column with the exclamation mark when on the word list.

The Sight Word Adventure is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is usually $1.99 on App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
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  • Jeanine

    Thank you ever SOO much iGameMom! Since you introduced us to Seven Academy I have had the opportunity to share MANY of their apps for my child! I will be using them especially over the Summer to EARN “video game tickets” and TV time, after chores of course LOL. You are so helpful and awe really thank you for your blog!

    • So glad to hear you find our reviews helpful. Seven Academy has a few good apps.

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