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Play Hide and Seek and Learn to Follow Instructions

Monki Hide and Seek

Does you child like to play hide and seek? Now they can have the fun on iPad too. Monki Hide and Seek is a fun game app designed for kids 2 to 6. Kids learn to follow instructions, to recognize animal names and sounds, while looking for the hiding animals. It is a fun game app for the rainy or snowy days.

The game play of the app is very simple. When kids start the app, they can choose one of the 3 scenes to play. The spring forest is the easiest, with only 4 animals to be found. Winter and desert are a little harder, with 6 animals. Play Hide n Seek Game - Learn to Follow Instructions

Each time, kids will see all the animals first, then the animals walk away and hide at some places, behind a tree, or a rock. There are always certain parts of the animals’ body are visible.  Kids then will be asked to find the animals one by one. They are told which animal to look for with questions like “Where is the kitten?”  Every time, the picture of the animal is shown at the top left corner of the screen as a reference. Kids can scroll the screen to look for different parts of the scene. When they are close to the animal hiding place, they will hear the animal’s sound, like dog’s bark. While kids are searching for the animal, hints will be provided, such as “the kitten is behind the house”. Once kids find all the animals, the game is over, and they can start over again.

Every time when the child finds an animal, the other animals’ hiding places will be changed. Each time when the kids re-start the game, the scene will change also. Although it is a simple game, kids always have something different each time.

iGameMom Comments:

I like the set-up of the app. Kids learn paying attention, comparing parts and whole, following directional instructions (behind, below, above), and learn animal names and sounds they make.  It is a fun game that can engage young children for a long time.

Monki Hide and Seek is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad on Apple App Store. It is also available for Android on Google Play and Amazon App Store.  It is $0.99 – $1.99.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Monki Hide and Seek Monki Hide and Seek Monki Hide and Seek

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  • I love when learning is turned into a game. It makes it fun and easy for kids to participate with out knowing they’re learning.

  • It’s so wonderful that children have so many learning resources. What a great way to use technology.

    • I am always amazed how many neat ideas for learning with the new technology. They are fun!

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