Pretend Play of Taking Care of a Baby
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Pretend Play of Taking Care of a Baby


If you have a little one who likes to play with baby dolls, this is an app for you.  iMommy provides a virtual baby for kids to take care of and to play with.  It is a virtual pretend play of taking care of a baby.

Kids can decide what features they would like to have for their babies – hair color, skin color, eye color, clothes and pants color. They can decide if they want a girl or a boy. They also give the baby a name, and even a birth certificate. Pretend Play Taking Care of a Baby

Once they have the baby, kids can choose among different rooms to interact with baby. In the dining room, they have to find the right food to feed the baby. For my baby, he always throw away the juice bottle, but happily takes the milk. Kids can also pick different baby food to feed the baby. It is cute to see the food gets on the baby’s face while the baby’s fed with a spoon.

In the bed room, kids can put the blanket on the baby, give the baby a pacifier and a stuffed animal to cuddle, and rock the crib to help the baby to fall into sleep. There is a musical mobile in the room too that kids can turn on for the baby.

My favorite is the change room, where kids have to change the baby’s diaper. The baby fuzzes with a dirty diaper. Kids have to take the dirty diaper off, wipe the baby clean, then put the clean diaper on. The baby will start giggle again once the clean diaper is on.

Other rooms come with the initial download include bath room, where the baby takes a bath; play room where baby plays with a baby friend with various toys, dress room there the baby gets a different outfit.

There are more scenes available for purchase, such as Hair Cut, Picnic and beach, Pet, Coloring. Looks like more scenes will be added over time.

iGameMom Comments:

iMommy gives kids who like pretend play a virtual world, where they can take care and play with a baby. This could be a good app for families who are expecting a new baby. It will help the young children understand what to expect when a new born comes home and what takes to really take good care of a baby.

iMommy works on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is $2.99 on App Store. There is a Lite version that is free, but with ads showing on every screen. You can download the Lite version for yourself to check it out, but I highly recommend paying the $1.99 to remove the ad before letting kids to play with it. The ads shown are not kids appropriate, even the ad images are intrusive. I wish the developer remove the ad option, but on the other hand, it gives parents a free option to check the app out.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
iMommy Lite iMommy

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  • ahhhhh! This app is completely adorable! I am sure it would keep little ones entertained for a long time, plus.. you know.. it’s so cute too!

    • It is really very cute. You have to hear the sound the baby makes!

  • iMommy

    Just an FYI we are having trouble with AdMob showing the wrong ads…this is something we are working on…we strive to show only kid appropriate material and this will be fixed hopefully within the next two weeks.
    Thanks for your patience…
    Kathy (iMommy Creator)

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