Protective iPhone Case for Busy Parents
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Protective iPhone Case for Busy Parents

Truffol iPhone Case

Have you ever dropped you iPhone by accident?  Did your phone survive from the drop?  I usually am pretty careful, and things like this usually don’t happen to me – at least it was what I believed, till couple weeks ago, I dropped my phone.  I had too many stuff on my hands, and the phone simply slipped through my fingers.  Luckily, it was on a thick carpet area, the phone did not break.  But this little accident did make me believe that an investment on a protective case is necessary – not only for kids, but also for busy parents.

I did some online search, and was quite disappointed by the selections available.  Most protective cases are bulky and the phone’s elegance disappeared completely while being wrapped in the cases.  I want good protection of the phone, yet I don’t want to lose the sleek feel and look of the phone.  After days of search, I found TruffolTruffol packageIt is a new brand just launched their product recently.  I signed up for their free sample and received one last week.  It has all the features I was looking for – the protection I needed, the quality, the look and the feel.    

First, the package is comparable to iPhone’s package.  Everything is beautifully packed in a green sleeve, in which are two green boxes – one has the Aluminum surrounding frame and the screen protector, the other has the leather backing.  Each piece comes with an installation guide. 

Putting the case on the phone is very easy.  The only tricky part is the cover for the mute button.  With the instruction, I put the mute button cover on the phone’s mute button first, and then slide on the aluminum frame.  To put on the leather backing is just a slide-on after aligning the hooks in the right position, which is hard to miss. The last is the screen protector.  After I put it on, I can hardly tell there is a screen protector.    

There are several things I like about the case:
First it provides good protection. The aluminum frame covers all around the phone, including the mute button and the on/off button.  The only place left open is the charge slot and the speaker.  I particularly appreciate the screen protector.  Sometimes my son will play on my phone and I can always tell by the smudges he left on the screen. It will be a lot easier to clean with a protector. 

Second, it is the high quality.  The brushing aluminum and the fine Italian leather give the phone classy and sleek look and feel.   I feel finally I have a case that is comparable to the phone itself. 

Third is the light weight.  After adding the case, you don’t feel it is much heavier than the phone itself. Truffol iPhone Case

I am very happy with the case.  It is a great case for busy parents who need the protection yet still like to have the classy and sleek feel of the phone. 

Truffol is now giving away 5 cases a day till July 20 on Truffol website.  All you have to do is to put in your email address.  If you want to order a case, now it is only available on their website, it is $75 per case.

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