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Reading Comprehension Camp

Reading Comprehension Camp

Summer is a great time for young readers to practice the Language skills they have learnt this year. As a Parent it can be daunting to know where to start in helping your child better comprehend what they read. Today I am reviewing Reading Comprehension Camp by Smarty Ears Apps. It features 50 stories and five reading levels. The stories in Level one are for Grade 2-3 and are a single paragraph. The highest level, 5, are several paragraphs long and designed for Grades 6-7.  Like all Smarty Pants apps Reading Comprehension Camp has been developed by Licensed and Certified Speech-Language Pathologists.

Several aspects of the stories are customizable:

  • The reader can read it silently, have it read to them or record themselves reading it aloud.
  • The text and the size of illustrations can be altered.
  • Users can also create their own stories.Reading Comprehension Camp App

A video tutorial is available on the Publisher’s website that is very helpful in learning to navigate the many features.

After reading the story, a quiz assesses comprehension. The testing aspect is just as customizable with up to eleven types of questions included. While the app is not primarily for teaching reading comprehension strategies, the quiz does have a hint feature. If the child requires help he/she can ask for a hint and the text where he/she can find the answer is highlighted.

The app can track kids progress. Because it was designed with the classroom teacher or tutor in mind, more than one kids’ profiles can be added to the ‘Reading lounge’, where parents and teachers can see kids’ performance. After a child has taken several quizzes you get to see the real power of this app. You will see a graph clearly shows areas each child need more practice. It will also show the time taken on each Quiz and if any help is required.

Piwi Mom Comments:

The ability to see what help your child needs is invaluable. Being able to create your own stories, also means that you can have interesting material for even reluctant readers. Comprehension Camp is an ideal app for anyone working with children 2nd  through 7th Grade. It could also be a useful tool for kids who are about to begin standardized testing or need some extra confidence in this area.

Reading Comprehension Camp is available for iPAD.  It is $19.99 on App Store. 
If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Reading Comprehension Camp - Smarty Ears

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Piwi mamaToday’s app is reviewed by JJ (Piwi mama), a proud wife and mama of two girls. The family travel with her hubby’s work so most of her time is spent teaching her kids. In her spare time, JJ blogs about their portable learning and reviews books. You can read about their travels at Learning and Growing the Piwi way

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