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Four Nature Science Apps in One – Outside Your Door from Cat in the Hat Learning Library

Outside Your Door

The Cat in the Hat is the greatest thing going really. PBS and Random House have turned the Cat into a very smart and entertaining educator. And, naturally, Ocean House Media, in best practices style, has delivered a concise, no frills version of The Cat in the Hat Outside Your Door Collection with 4 apps about nature science just in time for Earth Day.

Now this compilation is full of facts: facts about trees, facts about seeds, facts about birds, facts about butterflies. The wisdom is imparted in textbook style, but the textbook information is presented on the backdrop of the Cat’s overwhemling enthusiasm about the world and everything in it. If your kids are not quite ready to grasp the scientific terminology of photosynthesis, don’t worry. This collection is still for you.  Thing One and Thing Two will peak your child’s interest on the topic anyway. Outside the Door - Cat in the Hat Learning Library

Here’s what you get in this collection:

I Can Name 50 Trees Today!—And they do-50 trees along with their definitions and habitats.

Oh Say Can You Seed?—This book explains shoot and root systems along with all the various ways plants support human life.

My, Oh My-a Butterfly!—From cocoons to migration, there is nothing the Cat misses about the world of butterflies.

Fine Feathered Friends—From flight patterns to species to different calls, the Cat has the birds covered.

outside your door

If you’re new to Ocean House Media, you should also know you get all the same great features with this collection you get with all the other Ocean House books.  You can have the story read to you or you can read it yourself.  You can even record your own voice so if you have to miss the bedtime story, your kids can still hear you read it.  Words are highlighted as they are read out loud and when you touch a picture, the word flashes in red across the screen.  This feature makes these books great for new and experienced readers alike.  And my favorite feature of Ocean House is how the stories are just interactive enough to entertain, but not so interactive to distract from the story and learning at hand.

So, just in time for Spring, cozy up with this collection and then get the kids outside to explore.

Outside Your Door is available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is $14.99 on App Store. It is $9 less than buying the 4 apps individually.

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