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The eWallet That Replaces All Your Cards with One Single Card

The eWallet That Replaces All Your Cards with One Single Card post image

How many credit cards and loyalty cards do you have? How many of them do you carry with you every day? I don’t even attempt to count anymore. There are too many to carry with me everyday, yet when you really need it, and you don’t have it with you, you are not getting the discount you could have received. I had long wished that there is an eWallet that stores all my card information and whenever I need a card, I can just pull out the one I need, be it the credit card that gives a rebate on certain types of purchase, or a loyalty card for a store that cumulates my reward points, or a membership card that gives me discount at a membership store. Now the wish has finally come true. I just received a Smart Wallet to test out, and I love it.
The eWallet replacing all your cards with one card
This smart eWallet is called Wocket Smart Wallet. It has all the features I ever wished for.

First of all, it is small, smaller than my real wallet. It has a physical card, and a small pocket to carry some cash. The physical card is the one you will use in place of the many cards you have. You will find out how in a minute.

Second, it can replace all the cards you have: credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards. Any card that has a magnetic strip. You can even use it to store your key passwords, such as passwords to your online banks, or social websites. It is a smart wallet and a password manager.

Third, you use it like using all other cards: take the card out, swipe, and done. The only difference is you don’t need look for different physical cards, instead you look at the Wocket screen, pick the one you want to use, then take the Wocket card out, use it as usual. For example, imagining you are at the gas station, and you have a credit card that gives your 5% rebate on gas, say a Discover card. Instead of looking for your Discover card, you pick the Wocket out, activate the Discover card, and now you can use your Wocket card as the Discover card. Isn’t it wonderful? You can leave all your cards home, and just carry one card with you.

Fourth, and the very important one, it is very secure. You need a PIN to activate the Wocket card. The card itself doesn’t carry any data. Every time after it is swiped for payment, the data disappear from the physical card. Someone has to know your PIN to be able to send the real card information on your Wocket card.

Fifth, the device is standalone. It doesn’t connect with any internet, cloud service or POS system. You can use it anywhere, without a need of internet connection, or another device or app.

With so many cool features, how to make it work?

You need order the Wocket Smart Wallet first. I have asked Wocket for a coupon code just for iGameMom readers that offers a $30 discount: 30OFF-22446256.

After you receive the package, you can follow the instruction in the package to program the device. You will enter your card number, expiration date, and other information. You can put in over 10,000 cards into the device.

Once you have all the cards data entered into the device, you are ready to go. Every time, when you need use a card, just activate the device, pick the card from the list, and the Wocket card becomes your card of choice.

I have used Wocket for a while, and just love how convenient it is. Give it a try.

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  • Kristi Trimmer

    I love the Wocket and how using it my wallet has shrunk in half! Bonus 🙂

  • Choya Porter

    An amazing invention, glad I have had the opportunity to test it out. Love how convenient it is. Actually left my wallet at home the other day and had no worries because I had my Wocket Wallet with me.

  • Meagan

    I have one of these and really love it. It’s so handy.

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE how secure the wocket is! My hubby has one and takes it on the road with him. Its so nice to know that if his wallet was stollen, I won’t have to worry

  • Melissa

    I really could use this ewallet! What a great find for organization and saving money!

  • Shereen @ Shereen Travels Cheap

    If everyone takes it, this would be a great way to travel with all your cards without actually having to TAKE all your cards.

  • Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas

    One card instead of 20? That’s perfect. Especially when I’m always fumbling at the checkout with 2 kids. Organization is priceless!

  • JohnZ

    Cool way to handle wallet

  • Donna Hup

    This is the coolest! I love mine 🙂

  • Patricia

    An upgrade to the Wocket will be available soon that will let you secure the device further with a voice password. So far, I’m loving my Wocket.

  • Alyssa @ Arts and Crackers

    Oh man, I have SO many loyalty/credit/debit cards. This is such a handy product.

  • Jenn Worden

    How cool is this? I continue to be wowed by the advances in technology and never really thought about such advances in conjunction with my pocketbook or a wallet! I love the idea behind the Wocket. I love that we now have the ability to have all of our information in one spot, with a protective code, and a way to keep our private life … private. So cool! Thank you for sharing!

    • I really like it a lot. It is easier to carry and my real wallet is a lot lighter now. 🙂

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