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Toca Kitchen – Open-Ended Play App for Kids


Does your child like to play in the kitchen, pretending preparing meal?  You may want to check out Toca Kitchen.  It is from the same developer who made Toca Doctor. Toca Kitchen lets the kids explore food and cooking, without mess in your kitchen.

When kids start the app, they will see 4 hungry characters: a boy, a girl, a cat, and a bull.  Kids can pick any one of the 4 characters to cook for.  Then kids can open the refrigerator by sliding a finger on the screen to the left side of the character.  They can choose a food item, then either put on the character’s plate to eat it raw, or prepare it with a knife, food processor, pot, frying pan, or microwave.  Each character has a different food preference. One character may like to have the meat raw, the other like it cooked; one like little salt, the other like to have more salt; the bull loves the hay, other characters don’t;… Depends on the food and how the food is prepared, the character may like the food, refuse to eat the food, or spit out the food after a taste, … so the kids learn how to prepare for this character differently next time.
Play Kitchen anywhere - fun open ended play from Toca Kitchen app for kidsToca Kitchen is a free play app, not a game.  This means kids don’t earn scores, or a winning goal.  Instead, kids get to explore different food items, different ways to prepare the food, and observe each character’s food preference.

App Features:  
• Four cute characters to cook for – each with their own favorite food!
• 12 different ingredients that can be prepared in 180 different ways!
• Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix any of the ingredients
• Optional vegetarian mode!
• Fantastic original artwork!
• No rules or stress – play any way your kids want to!
• Kid-friendly interface!
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

How parent can help:

Parents can play with your child, and find opportunities to ask questions like “why he doesn’t like the food?” “What do you have to do so he will eat the steak?” Parents can also talk about healthy food choices, food pyramid, food hygiene (keep the food in the refrigerator, keep the kitchen clean, …).  This is an app encouraging parent-child interactions, another thing I like about it.

iGameMom Comments:

It is an interesting app to expose kids to food and cooking.  The design is very intuitive.  While playing, parents can talk with the kids about healthy food choices and food hygiene practices.  It works on both iPhone/iPod and iPAD. It is $1.99 at App store.

There is a free version called “Toca Kitchen Monster”.  Instead of 4 characters, you get 2 monsters.  There are less food items to choose from.  If you are still not sure about the app, try the free version first.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the link provided. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!
Toca Kitchen ($1.99): Toca Kitchen Toca Kitchen Monster (Free): Toca Kitchen Monsters

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  • IamSessica

    My daughter and I are huge fans of Toca apps. The graphics are great and they are appropriate for young kids. Unbelievably, my 6 y.o daughter is the one who found their games and introduced them to me. We’ll check this one out…love that there is a vegetarian option.

    • iGameMom

      The Toca team really knows the little kids. Their apps are so designed for the little minds…

  • Tiara Blue

    Sounds like a fun app. I’ll have to download it for my son. Thanks for sharing!

    • iGameMom

      My son is still playing it. It is fun.

  • Anjali

    Thanks! I’m going to use this on my 20- hr flight with the kids!

    • iGameMom

      Have fun! For 20 hours, you probably want to have a couple more apps…..

  • Caspette

    Toca games are fantastic games.

  • beebeesworld

    Where exactly is”the link provided” I cant seem to find it! Is it the purple letters that is countries?

    • iGameMom

      Yes, those are the links that lead directly to the app at the app store. You can choose the country where you are buying the app from. If you don’t see your country, please let me know. I can add the link for you.

  • supertucksmama

    Tuck (my 4 year old) LOVES all the Toca games! They are so fun!

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