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Toy Story: Story Theater

Toy Story: Story Theatre

Finally, an app ALL of my kids love!  What a joy as a parent to find a place, toy, activity, or game that all of your kids can enjoy together.  Well, I bring you an app the whole family can enjoy.  What makes Toy Story: Story Theater so great is everything your kids bring to it.  It requires you as a parent to be an audience member.  But getting to see the vastly different stories each child created is a happy surprise.

There is the Story Play that guides kids through the parts of telling a story.  Kids choose a main character (Woody, Buzz, or Jesse) and then a scene for their story to take place.  Then your children can choose an action and a prop and are prompted to record the first part of their story.  Kids then choose an event and a feeling and are prompted to record the rest of their story.  Props can range from the moon to a banana peel and an event can range from the arrival of a spaceship to a bank robber.  Kids have so many possibilities.  When they finish the last action, they can then pick a title and the story is saved to the app.

Free Play gives kids more freedom.  They can pick from eight characters right off the bat.  Then kids can choose their scene.  Extra scenes can be unlocked in free play.  Kids can unlock those scenes by creating a certain amount of stories in story play.   Then they can choose from about ten different objects to let their imaginations run wild with and are free to tell their story.ToyStory:StoryTheater via igamemom.com

The Saved Stories section is just all of your children’s saved stories.  If they don’t like their stories or if a recording erupts into a shouting match as to who gets to tell the story you can easily delete them.  

As a mom, I really appreciated that the settings and any ads are in a “locked” area that my youngest can’t get to.  This section also has great ideas to incorporate the play into everyday (non digital) life.  Overall, this is a very simple app, easy to use and easy to enjoy.

NerdyBaker Comments:

I tried this app out first by myself and had some fun but I was not prepared for the rush of creativity and imaginative play that came out of my home once the kids got a hold of this app.  I couldn’t watch each story as they were being made but,  saved in the app for us, it provided my husband and I with plenty of amusement after the kids went to sleep.  We got overdramatic action from the preteen, articulate if kind of meandering stories from the six year old, and the first time we ever heard our four year old say, “To infinity and beyond.”  Priceless recordings of our children telling us stories they made up…fantastic.

If you like the idea of this app, but would like to use different characters,  you can try Toontastic, Toontastic Jr, or Sofia the First.

Toy Story: Story Theater is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  It is $2.99 on App Store.


Thanks to Disney, iGameMom has a copy of Toy Story: Story Theatre to giveaway.   To win the app, please leave a comment on this post, telling us why you want this app. Any entries entered before May 15 are eligible to win. The winner will be announced on this page on May 16.

The winner is Aubrey.  Enjoy the app!

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Toy Story: Story Theater - Disney

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nerdybakerToday’s app is reviewed by Celina, the NerdyBaker. Celina is a wife, a mother of three, a self-proclaimed nerd, lover of movies, science, and science fiction. She is always looking for fun and educational content for the iPad and iPods.

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  • Florence

    My son goes to a visual and performing arts magnet so I think he would love this app.

    • This is would be a perfect app for him. Another one you might want to try is Toontastic, it also a movie making app.

  • Ticia

    I’m in, I love to have some games to entertain the kiddos from time to time.

  • dawn

    Oh my wee man is so creative, he would LOOOOOVE this. Would add more fuel to his fire. 🙂

  • Piwimama

    We purchased this app the other day and DD3 loves it. Mind you while I was looking at the App Store she spotted the new Doc Mcstuffins app too so now she is asking for that….

  • Aubrey M.

    Ahhhh, this app looks great! I love that it encourages creativity. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • L. Marie

    Oh, now this is darling! I have to pass this on!

  • Chris

    Sounds great! Wish it was available for Android too! 🙁

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