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Ultimate Guide of Fun Summer Learning Activities for Kids

Mom’s Library

Welcome to Mom’s Library. Are you ready for the summer? Sometimes I am dread of summer. Kids will be home for 3 months, and how can we keep them active – not only physically, but also intellectually? In this post, we put together all featured summer learning ideas and activities from the past, so we have the ultimate guide of fun summer learning activities for kids. Here you will find outdoor physical activities, summer science activities, learning activities, and summer reading recommendations. We also updated each activity list with new content. Like this big list of fun activities to do with bubbles. I never imagined so many ways to play with bubbles. It is added to our Fun Backyard Activities post, which now has 11 activities.

Ultimate Guide of Fun Summer Learning Activities for Kids
Ultimate Kids Summer Activity Guide

Each title below is a list of summer activities for kids from Mom’s Library. Click on the title will lead you to the featured activities under that title.

10 Fun Backyard activities: obstacle course, water wall, glow in the dark bugs, …

10 summer indoor learning activities : all are summer themed …

10 fun ideas of water play at home : water balloon tennis, paint with water, …

more Cool activities for hot summer days!

Cool summer educational apps for kids : to have fun, to prevent summer academic slide, for summer reading, and for summer travel.

200 books for kids summer reading recommended by moms: you know kids will like the books since they are recommended by real moms.

More summer reading: fun readings for kids, also are recommended by moms.

Science ideas to explore in summer with kids

More Summer science activities: summer themed science activities.

Summer learning activities: to prevent summer slide …

Enjoy your summer!

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There are always time that both you and kids need some quiet time. Here are some cool ideas of educational and fun apps for summer.
Cool summer app ideas from igamemom

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