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What is New at iGameMom

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There are quite some interesting happenings at iGameMom and I hope you will be excited about them as I am.

First, I created a community on Google+, called Educational Apps for Kids.  If you have not tried Google+, I highly recommend you join.  I Started hanging out on Google+ since they launched community feature, I love it.  Some other kids related communities I like a lot are Great Books for Kids, Science for Kids, Creative Kids, and Arts and Crafts.  If you have not tried Google+ or tried and decided not to stay (like me a couple months ago), I suggest you give it another try, visit some communities, you will be delighted!  If you are on Google+, please join the Educational Apps for Kids community.  I hope it becomes a true community – everyone shares their apps, ideas on what to do with apps and mobile devices, tips on how to better use mobile devices …  It is a brand new community, I can use everyone’s help to shape it so everyone benefit from each other.  Everyone – includes parents, grandparents, educators, developers, … you and me!

Educational Apps for Kids Google+ Community

Another great news is iGameMom is having new reviewers!  I am very excited to have new members join iGameMom team.  Some of the new reviewers you have already met.  Daisy Simpson shared the tip on how to lock iPAD or iPhone screen so kids stay within an app,  Iona Burchell shared 8 Free Children’s Book, Celina from the NerdyBaker reviewed a fan family game.  You are going to see more reviewers in the next couple weeks.  Please help me welcome them by visiting their posts and leaving a comment.

Lastly, I joined an educational blog group Mom’s Library originated by True Aim Education.  On every Wednesday, we share kids learning resources and activity ideas.  Here is what is shared this past Wednesday for you to have a sense what it is.  On every Wednesday, I will still post app reviews or iPhone iPAD tips, but at the bottom of the post, you will find Mom’s Library for learning ideas beyond apps.  I do this because I realize that some visitors at iGameMom don’t have iPAD or iPhone but still are interested in gaining learning ideas for their kids.  What is nice is every one can contribute to the collection.  On Wednesday, the link is alive, you can add your own posts to share with everyone.  I hope this is a way to help those parents.  This is a trial for iGameMom.  Please let me know if you like it or not.

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  • Purchased a KINDLE FIRE for my son who is developmentally disabled and this has been a great addition, the touch screen technology is easy to manipulate and is enhancing his hand-eye-coordination it may not be a “typical” application but it is a good one.

    • I heard a lot family with special need child find tablets transformed the child’s learning experience. Enjoy the Kindle Fire.

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