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I just realized iGameMom is one year old in May.  Thinking back, one year ago, I had little knowledge about blogging or websites, all I knew was many parents’ frustration when trying to find good educational apps for kids, and I believed I could help. Today, with over 10K followers, 40K pageviews a month, I know iGameMom is meeting parents and educators needs.  I want to thank you all, my readers, for your support!  Without you, iGameMom won’t be here today.

To celebrate, we are having some good giveaways.  Make sure to check out the 3 Cat in the Hat Learning Library apps giveaway.  It is a great science series for kids age 5 to 10.  The giveaway includes 3 apps in the series (valued around $15).  Another great giveaway is a photo collage creator program for computers.  It will quickly make photo collages with many different templates. Valued at $30, it is a great way to create family memories for Mother’s Day. 

In the meantime, we have some new features on iGameMom.  First is App News directly from the developers.  There are so many apps out there, it is impossible for us to review every single one of them. News directly from the developers gives everyone the opportunity to see more apps, even though we don’t have time to review them at iGameMom.  You have already seen some posts (with titles starting with “Apps News”), and hope there will be more. 

Another new feature is the weekly giveaway through Mom’s Library.  Mom’s Library is run by a group of moms who care about kids education.  We share learning ideas and resources with our readers.  The nice thing is all readers can participate too.  It is on every Wednesday.  Starting this week, we will have weekly giveaways.  The first one is up today – the collage program.  Make sure come back every Wednesday for giveaways and to link up your articles. 

Again, thank you all for your support and please help share the website with your friends, so more families and more kids can benefit from the good educational apps we discovered.

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  • Congratulations! What a testament of how much your information is appreciated, needed and valued!

  • Congrats on your Blogversary and keep up the great work! I share many of your posts with my kids – for use with the grandkids.

    • Thank you Lisa – for our kind words and for sharing iGameMom reviews with your kids.

  • Happy 1st Anniversary to your lovely and helpful blog!

  • Congratulations! You have become such a resource!
    I wish that children’s safety education was as popular as your App world!

    • Congratulations on your first year! I enjoy your helpful articles. Best wishes for your second year!

    • Thank you Melinda. Thank you for all your support! I believe Children’s safety is very important. You are doing something great for the children and their family!

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