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What to do with sick kids at home – instantly available resources

Sick of being sick

This is the season kids are getting sick and stay home. What to do with sick kids at home? When kids are not feeling well, they may not up to very active activities, but they still need something to do to stay occupied.

Reading books is a good way to keep kids’ mind occupied without strenuous physical activities. When a child is sick, you want to choose the books that are easy for them, and avoid those that may cause over excitement. For young kids, some books about others getting sick and recovering from the illness will help them understand what is going on and learn to handle the situation better.

Books for sick kids at home with instant downloads Books for sick kids at home with instant download

Henry and Mudge Get the Cold Shivers
When Mudge gets sick and has to go to the vet, he and Henry share some scary moments, but Henry once again shows his devotion to his canine friend as he pampers him through his cold. This is a Kindle book, also available as a print book.

I Hate to be Sick
Everyone gets sick now and then! In this lively rhyming book, a boy tells about a day he had to stay home from school and how his dad helped him feel better.  It is available for Kindle and print book.

Sick of being sick
It is a book app that are available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. A girl is sick in bed, but her imagination takes her to all over the world for different adventures, all while she was in bed… It is great, since kids can listen to the book if they are too tired to read.

Even Monsters Get Sick
It is also a book app that is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. It is a very cute book with unexpected interactions. Kids will forget all about their own illness while finding out how the little boy taking care of his sick monster.

Movies for sick kids at home to make them feel good

Movie and TV Shows for Sick Kids at Home with Instant DownloadsBesides reading books, watching some fun movies would also be a good idea when a child is not feeling well. You don’t want to choose those over exciting movies, but some movies with right humor that will cheer them up.

Here are some titles available now on Netflix. You can download Netflix app for free. You do need to be a member to watch movies on Netflix. For more information, visit Good Kids Movies on Netflix.

Here are some TV episodes showing kids that even their favorite characters get sick too:

Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie
Sesame Street: The Ten Commandments of Health
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Visits the Doctor

Movies for sick kids at home to cheer them up

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
Hoodwinked Too!
Escape from Planet Earth

Hope this is helpful. All resources listed here are available with instant download, so you can get them at the last minute when you need them.

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  • What a great resource. My kids are way too old for these but my nieces aren’t!

    • Hope your nieces will like them. Not sure how old your kids are, maybe try some of the movies?

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