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10 Fun Backyard Activities for Kids

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Do you kids like to play outside? With TVs, tablets, computers, sometime it is hard to get kids outside to play. But I found as long as they are outside, they always have good time. Kids usually are pretty good at coming up play ideas themselves, but it never hurts to have some cool ideas ready to impress kids. Today we share fun backyard activities for kids. Have fun!

10 Fun Backyard Activities for Kids

10 backyard activities for kids
I love these wonderful backyard play ideas. In fact, they are fun for the whole family. Check them out.

Backyard car wash

Backyard dino dig in a sandbox

This water balloon paint looks really fun

How about Fizzy Sidewalk Painting? It also has some science in the play.

Set up a water obstacle course in the backyard, you will have all the neighborhood kids running to your yard.

plastic bottle water fall will offer hours of play.

On a sunny day, do a science experiment with crayon, and up-cycle those unused crayons at the same time

Make a backyard water wheel. Kids will have fun making it, and then make it spin with water.

Set up a butterfly feeder or house

Make some glow in the dark bugs

and Glow in the dark bowling is also fun

Outdoor bubble play, can you believe that there are so many different ways to play bubbles?

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More outdoor fun in your backyard, 11 Backyard Science Activities for Kids.
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If you like to play outside, you may want to try these 9 Apps that Can Add Scientific Flavor to Outdoor Fun.
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  • Julia

    I really loved these awesome ideas! Should be able to keep the kids busy with all of these!

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